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Nationalist leader denounces federal prosecution - The New Day

Nationalist leader denounces federal prosecution - The New Day

April 9, 2012
2:30 pm

Nationalist leader denounces federal prosecution

He said not limited to the U.S. or Puerto Rico, but control other countries
By Frances Rosario / frosario1@elnuevodia.com
The Puerto Rican Nationalist Party president, Francisco Torres Lopez, denounced an alleged pattern of persecution against the nationalists and their person by federal agencies.
To characterize the pattern, exemplified that on March 26 Panamanian officials, under guidelines of a supposed federal agent, was arrested at the exit of an airplane at the airport of Tocumen, Panama.
He said the flight had a stopover, then came back to the island after attending the XVI Seminar Mexican Labour Party. He said that in addition to the nationalists, members returning from the event and the Socialist Front National Hostos Independence Movement.
"My complaint is that it is increasing persecution of the independence movement in general, and that such persecution is not limited to Puerto Rico and the U.S., but includes other countries. The U.S. is in clear violation of human rights and civil rights of Puerto Ricans fighting for the independence of Puerto Rico, "he said.
His account continued by stating that Panamanian officials certified as their origin, had to let him continue his route to the island
However, alleged that federal agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE acronym in English) rearrested on arrival to the Island
He said that on arrival, "I passed the front of the line and takes me to get my luggage. Three ICE agents inspected my luggage and question me. I asked for my wallet, handed me the money that was in it and copied all my documents. When they take my credit cards, bank and health plan they wonder why they wanted to copy my cards answering me they did not need a court order to copy my documents, that I would report in order to copy them and if I could write a complaint to ICE ".
"Also, stop, record and question the Nationalist Party's general secretary, Linda Alonso Lebron. Mrs. Lebron was in a wheelchair after suffering a random accident in Mexico, "said Torres Lopez.
Despite the complaint, the ICE spokesman Ivan Ortiz, denied any involvement with Lopez Torres.
"ICE in Puerto Rico has had nothing to do with that incident," explained Ortiz.
He said the agency process passengers at the airport is the Custom Border Patrol.
The New Day contacted this agency, but not yet issued any response on the alleged incident.
On the other hand, the president of the Nationalist Party said that in addition to his public denunciation, sent a letter to the Consulate of Panama in requiring answers on detention. Above all, demands to know the involvement of federal agents at the airport in your country.
Susana Obarrio of Alcedo, Consul General of Panama in the island, said the letter was received and forwarded to the Panamanian Foreign Ministry. He said he has no answer about the alleged incident, as it has no knowledge of the situation or is authorized to speak to the press.

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