Friday, April 6, 2012

Visitor attacked in Vieques leaves the hospital -

Visitor leaves the hospital attacked in Vieques - The New Day

4:55 pm

Visitor attacked in Vieques leaves the hospital -

She received intensive treatment and can travel back home in America.
The tourist attacked on last weekend in Vieques was discharged today from the University Hospital of Adults and prepares to return later in the day to his home in America, said the institution's medical director, Dr. Ricardo Moscoso.
After receiving the required acute treatment the woman was discharged. Fortunately, treatment outcome was successful. The tourist is stable enough so that today could travel by plane to his home in the United States. "Reported the medical director of the UDH.
Furthermore, the Executive Director of UDH, Mr. George Matta, thanked the nursing staff, social workers and doctors who gave service to the young medical student 29 years of age.
"We thank the hospital staff for always bring their knowledge, disposition and diligence," the lawyer Matta.
The girl, who was not identified, was found injured and naked from the waist down near the beach Coconut Beach. It is suspected that was sexually assaulted, but this has not been corroborated.
Several residents of Vieques who had shared with the girl hours before the attack are being investigated in relation to the incident.

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