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Video Review - 2.12.13

Video Review - 2.12.13          Mike Nova's starred items

via Videos matching: puerto rico by 3rdID8487 on 2/3/13
Operation Task Force Secure Front kicked off in the middle of January when Puerto Rico's Governor ordered the National Guard to state active duty. Guardsmen are shown during this mobilization and continuing efforts to help stop drugs and weapons trafficking to the island. It is estimated that nine billion dollars in drugs and weapons are trafficked through the island to Europe and the US annually. Story by Eliezer Melendez. Like us on Facebook at "US Military" Follow us on Twitter at @3rdID8487 Subscribe for frequent new videos.
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via Videos matching: puerto rico news by PrinciplesinAction on 1/29/13
Video supporting statehood for Puerto Rico played before a January 29th LPCP conference
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via Videos matching: puerto rico by BoricuaPhotos on 11/27/12
Take a first look of what happen behind the scenes inside and outside or the ring ,in this trailer for the upcoming documentary Puerto Rico: Island of Champions Directed and edit by David "Boricua" Infante. Voice:Larry Merchant Music: Dont stand in our way. Twitter @787Films Instagram at 787Films (©)BoricuaPhotos.com - 787Films
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via Uploads by PBSNewsHour by PBSNewsHour on 2/5/13
With Congress unlikely to pass a comprehensive budget before March 1, President Barack Obama plans to call on Congress to pass a stopgap measure that would delay across-the-board spending cuts, scheduled to take effect at the month.
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via Videos matching: puerto rico by gonzalezfirearms on 2/1/13
My uncle was a Retired Police Officer This is a video that I edited of my uncle's passing. My uncle Cpt. Luis H Negron, left us on January 23rd. He fought cancer for 18 years. One of so many fine Police Officers. All I can say is, WOW!! My uncle was one of the best. He always had God and Family in his life. He was a great man, boy was I a lucky one to have such a great uncle. My uncle left in peace and that's what he wanted. No more suffering, mentally and physically. Thanks for watching and God Bless you all....
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via Uploads by primerahoravideos by primerahoravideos on 2/5/13
Primera Hora en la Calle: flashmob en las Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián | Puerto Rico
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via Videos by Ian Meizoso on 1/6/13
Rio Blanco, Naguabo. Track: Take a Walk by Passion Pit.
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via Videos by IH8MACS on 2/7/13
Just some quick random clips from hang gliding in Puerto Rico.
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via Videos matching: puerto rico news by fyinewsyoumissed on 1/3/13
pls subscribe for updates and breaking news.-this video shocked me! Puerto Rico has 3.7 million residents, a storied capital, more than 300 miles of stunning coastline, an average temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit -- and, in 2011, a homicide rate more than five times that of the mainland US and higher than that of Mexico. It badly needs federal help to curb this drug-fueled violence. But so far, the US government is treating Puerto Ricans as if they were second-class citizens. Geography is partly to blame for Puerto Rico's plight. If Mexico had the misfortune to be, in the late Mexican dictator Porfirio Diaz's words, "so far from God, so close to the United States," Puerto Rico's bad luck is to be so close to South America and to the southern US It is an ideal transshipment point for illegal narcotics in the Americas. And with open ocean between it and Africa and Europe, it's a good point of departure for illicit shipments to those two continents. As the US and Mexico have cracked down on the drug trade, traffic has shifted to the Caribbean. The National Drug Intelligence Center reports that cocaine seizures along sea routes between Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands more than tripled between 2009 and 2010. Plenty of the stuff is still getting through: The price of cocaine in the area dropped by roughly one-third between 2008 and 2010, suggesting there is no lack of supply. Upward of 80 percent of what arrives by plane or boat goes on to the eastern United States <b>...</b>
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via Videos matching: ricky martin by xtraonline on 12/17/12
Ricky Martin was among the speakers at the United Nations' Leadership in the Fight against Homophobia panel. This clip, courtesy of the UN, is from December 17, 2012.
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via Videos matching: ricky martin by RickyMartin AFRM on 2/5/13
Ricky Martin was surprised with a special guest as he filmed for an interview with Channel Arena's All Access Special! This was Ricky's' first ever encounter with a "koala" during his visit to Sydney on July 2003! ***An AFRM Exclusive*** Video courtesy of Arena Channel
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via Uploads by PBSNewsHour by PBSNewsHour on 2/7/13
John Brennan, President Obama's nominee to head the CIA, faced tough questioning during his first confirmation hearing, defending his positions on intelligence policy and drone warfare. Congressional correspondent Kwame Holman recaps the hearing and explores why Brennan withdrew his nomination for the same post in 2008.
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via Uploads by PBSNewsHour by PBSNewsHour on 2/7/13
In other news Thursday, outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta defended the military's response to the attack on the US Embassy in Beghanzi. Also, a Bangladeshi man pled guilty to plotting to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City.
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via Uploads by PBSNewsHour by PBSNewsHour on 2/7/13
Police are conducting statewide manhunts in California, Arizona and Nevada in search of former police officer Christopher Dorner. Dorner, who has been on a deadly shooting rampage targeting cops, was fired from the Los Angeles Police Department in 2009. Ray Suarez reports.
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via Videos by Karenliana on 2/6/13
Insider's Guide to Puerto Rico is a travel documentary currently in post-production. The documentary will be released to DVD in the Summer of 2013. IGPR covers the areas of Puerto Rico less frequented by tourists and often times, locals. The full companion website will be released in conjunction with the DVD, where you will find information on all the destinations presented in the DVD, as well as service providers who will make your trip to Puerto Rico an unforgettable experience! Visit InsidersGuidePR.com to sign up for our newsletter and receive updates on production.
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via Videos matching: puerto rico by 19939908 on 2/5/13
10+ years windsurfing this spot, regretfully had not returned in 15 years. Kiteboarding waves, a new venue and with Shacks Beach though beautiful, challenging. Puerto Rico with many sites worth visiting. Glad the family shared the experience !
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via Videos matching: ricky martin by Nicholas King on 2/7/13
Sleep Tight - by Ricky Martin
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via Videos matching: puerto rico by 1nterceptor on 2/5/13
Travel to Puerto Rico.
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via Videos by Geoffrey Hamilton on 2/7/13
January in Puerto Rico, what a great way to start 2013!!! There is some flying, some riding, a trip to the rainforest, San Juan, and a little bit of snorkeling. If you want to see more of the snorkeling, please see my earlier videos for the full edit of that trip. It was a great trip, and we all had fun.
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via Videos by 1nterceptor on 2/5/13
Travel to Puerto Rico.
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via Videos by TheEdgeRawRadio on 2/8/13
In this episode Bob discusses the love he has for the Puerto Rican People and Culture and also shares some personal frustrations he has with the culture as well. The good stuff is discussed plus the ugly realities. This is a touchy one for Hispanics so fasten your seatbelts. Besides the...
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via Videos matching: puerto rico by TravelChicTV on 1/31/13
Join TravelChic as shes tours the best dining locations in Old San Juan Puerto Rico. TravelChic's list of the best places for fine dining as well as local hidden gems. Visit her blog for more details about these great dininig experiences in Puerto Rico - travelchicmedia.wordpress.com Thanks for waching!
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via Videos matching: puerto rico by Alun Hill on 11/6/12
Help us caption and translate this video on Amara.org: www.amara.org Citizens of Puerto Rico choose their mayor, congressmen and governors. If it were possible they would choose their president. But at least for now, voters cannot, as their leader is the US president. Some in the US island territory accept it, while some do not. Puerto Rico does not get a vote in the American presidential election, but it is now voting on whether to change its ties with the US. In Tuesday's referendum, voters are asked if they want to change the relationship with the United States. A second question gives them three options: become the 51st US state, independence, or "sovereign free association", which would give more autonomy than they have at present. Residents took to the streets to express their opinions ahead of the poll. "We want to be a part of the USA, so that we have equal rights", a supporter of the New Progressive Party told RT. "It's not that we want to acquire independence, we need it. We have been dependent on the USA for too long", a member of the Puerto Rican Independence Party said. This debate has been going on for 100 years, and finally they can have their say at the ballot box. Though Carlos Gallisá Bisbal, a lawyer and politician, does not believe the vote will solve anything. "This referendum is a pre-election game of the pro-government party against the weak rule of the parliament, which was supposed to make people come to the elections." In other words, citizens of <b>...</b>
From:Alun Hill
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Mike Nova's starred items

via Videos matching: puerto rico by FaceplantBoardriders on 2/8/13
faceplantboardriders.com http This video is footage from our trip to Puerto Rico in January 2013 that was based around the Guajataka Downhill. We had some tasty waves to surf and handboard, and there were lots of fun hills to longboard throughout the week. We had an awesome time boardriding thorughout the entire week, and on this trip the all around boardriding in Puerto Rico overshadowed the event we went to compete in. Featured riders and gear are Brian Fitch (riding the 'FB Pow Pow' with WheelRZ Diablos 80a), Ricky Wheeler (riding the 'FB Shradical Surfer' with WheelRZ Diablos 80a and the FB 'Torpedo' Handboard), Kardon Allard (riding the 'FB Gun' with Abec 11 Freerides and the 'FB Pow Surfer' with WheelRZ Diablos 85a), Jesse Wipf (riding the 'FB Bowler' and the FB 'Bullet' Handboard), and Rob Wheeler (riding the 'FB Gremlin' with WheelRZ 85a Diablos and the FB 'Sharktooth' and 'Spearhead' handboards). Music in the following order: Cultura Profetica - "Con Truenos Hay Que Hablar" The Black Keys - "She's Long Gone" Mike Pinto - "Reincarnation"
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via Videos by Ripcurl on 2/9/13
seepuertorico.com took the team on an adventure tour... Zip-Line thru the tree tops in Central Puertorican Jungle and plunging into natural water holes
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via Videos by CaptainWhatever4 on 2/10/13
Heading South.........
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via Videos by MrWhatsup247 on 2/7/13
this video is to help you save money on your trip
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via Videos matching: puerto rico news today by NewzOfDaWorld on 1/6/13
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