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Judicial Oversight of Police Dept. To Begin - p.2 - May 24-26, 2013 The Star

Judicial Oversight of Police Dept. To Begin - p.2 - May 24-26, 2013 The Star


By the end of the month, the judicial
supervision of the Police Department
will go into effect, a move that will
allow for better working conditions as well
as a more professional and less politicized
force, the head of the American Civil
Liberties Union (ACLU) in Puerto Rico
said Thursday.
“The last information that we have
is that there has been a request for a
postponement, but we are close to that
police reform in agreement with the
government of Puerto Rico and under the
supervision of the federal court,” ACLU
Executive Director William Ramírez said
in a radio report.
Ramírez was referring to the lawsuit
fi led the U.S. Justice Department against
the local Police Department for allegedly
engaging in a pattern of civil rights
violations. The lawsuit fi led last year took
place as a result of a probe that began in
The local and federal governments
are still under negotiations to ratify
an agreement on the lawsuit that will
pave the way for a police
reform. There have been
several postponements to the
ratifi cation. Police Chief Héctor
Pesquera said during budget
hearings that Judge Gustavo
Gelpí agreed to allow another
postponement until May 30.
Pesquera at the time
said he needed $20 million to
start implementing the police
reform. He did not know how
much the reform will cost

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