Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pierluisi considera que se considere propuesta del PNP via El Nuevo Dia : Política on 5/29/13

via El Nuevo Dia : Política on 5/29/13
Insiste en que no se debe aumentar los impuestos

May 29, 2013
1:26 pm

Pierluisi requests consideration the proposal of PNP

He insists that you should not raise taxes
Resident Commissioner urged the governor Alejandro García Padilla to make "responsible government". (Archive)
By Osman Perez Mendez / osman.perez @
Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi, called this afternoon to consider the government's budget proposal NPP instead of imposing new taxes.
"In times of economic hardship, no one raises their budget by eight percent. It is not wise or responsible to increase government spending by $ 750 million. No trader or head of household in Puerto Rico that is increasing the costs of your business or home at eight percent less that has hit the lottery, "said Pierluisi, who spoke surrounded by lawmakers and personalities of the PNP , after a meeting at the party headquarters in Hato Rey.
Pieluisi management defended the former government of Luis Fortuño to say that it had reduced the government deficit by two-thirds.
Resident Commissioner urged the governor Alejandro García Padilla to make "responsible government," and that instead of more taxes is operated efficiently at Treasury and other government agencies.
"The easy way for any manager is to pass the bill to another. We have five months of cantazo in cantazo, with ivutazo retirazo and now, "Pierluisi said referring to the fiscal measures taken by the government of García Padilla.
Pierluisi also talked about the efforts done in Congress to seek the admission of Puerto Rico as the 51st state and assured that they are on track and have the endorsement of more than fifty members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans.
Pierluisi also said he planned to attend the session of the UN General Assembly where once again, we will discuss the status of Puerto Rico.
On other issues, the resident commissioner said he favored the release of Oscar López Rivera on the grounds that "the punishment he received is more than enough".
He also referred to the controversial projects 238 and 488 and said his position has always been against discrimination, including discrimination based on sexual orientation. But he said that does not favor marriage between people of the same sex.
As for the recently passed law reform, Pierluisi said "has fallen short and has serious flaws," while condemning the legislature was reinstated part time, claiming that in the past this practice had brought many problems.

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