Monday, May 27, 2013

The dark reality is, thousands of bridges could collapse at any second... | Day In Pictures - 2

The dark reality is, thousands of bridges could collapse at any second if 'a ... - RYOT

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The dark reality is, thousands of bridges could collapse at any second if 'a ...
... break,” Rosenker said. Fracture critical bridges, like the I-5 span in Washington, are the result of Congress trying to cut corners to save money rather than a lack of engineering know-how, said Barry B. LePatner, a New York real estate attorney ...

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FC Dallas vence a San José con gol de Castillo

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FRISCO, Texas, EE.UU. (AP) — El colombiano Fabián Castillo convirtió a los 33 minutos y el peruano...

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  1. Falling Skies on TNT

    Humanity's Struggle for SurvivalBegins June 9 at 9/8c on TNT!
  1. AMC's The Killing Returns - Tune In For An All New Case

    • AMC
    • 2 weeks ago
    Season Begins June 2nd, 8/7c.

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Puerto Rican Pride and Coors Light: Salud (Health) or ¡Salud ...

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The NiLP Network on Latino Issues (May 25, 2013) quotes several enraged comments before examining this year's concern regarding the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, to be held on June 9, 2013, in New York. The article points out the crude irony ... You may recall that in 2011, MillerCoors had to discontinue its 'Emborícuate' Coors Light Puerto Rican Day Parade advertising campaign after widespread community criticism. This campaign had been running for ...

Salsero Tito Nieves descarta tener un hijo con su actual pareja

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El salsero Tito Nieves descartó la posibilidad de procrear un hijo con su actual pareja, Janette....

Monica Puig le gana a la número 11 en el mundo

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La tenista puertorriqueña Monica Puig se apuntó hoy una victoria tras derrotar a la número 11 en el...

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Sospechoso de Londres había sido detenido en Kenia

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NAIROBI, Kenia (AP) — Un sospechoso de asesinar a un soldado británico en una calle londinense...

Nibali gana el Giro de Italia

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BRESCIA, Italia (AP) — Vincenzo Nibali se paseó el domingo hacia el título del Giro de Italia en la...

Ponce de Leon 'never sought Fountain of Youth' -

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Ponce de Leon 'never sought Fountain of Youth'
The real story goes something like this: In 1511, messy political squabbling forced Ponce to surrender the governorship of Puerto Rico, an appointment he had held since 1509. As a consolation prize, King Ferdinand offered him Bimini, assuming the ...

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