Sunday, July 21, 2013

What goes around, comes around; lo que va, vuelve.

Puerto Rico tiene una salida: el aeropuerto - Benjamín Torres Gotay

Mike Nova comments: 
However, in this case the "output" is just one side and one direction of the two way street: nature, social systems and even islands ("no man is an island, no island is an island") do not tolerate vacuums and the empty spaces are filled inevitably with "input": human immigration (and not just by very rich, seeking to escape taxes, which is not a very farsighted strategy anyway, but a broad middle class spectrum, from young [hi-tech] professionals to retirees), integration into mainland and global economies and cultural integration (see vía internacional para la cultura in the same issue). Besides that most of the "outputters" got their return tickets, mental and physical, and will come back, when the conditions permit. And as for me personally, I will most definitely come back and very soon (those who do not like it, leave all your hopes), not only because I love the Island and its people (no matter what), but because I feel that I am becoming a part of it (which, I am sure, is the case with many other people). So, do not despair, Benji-chico: what goes around, comes aroundlo que va, vuelve

Puerto Rico, a place for hackers and makers?

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