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Review: Puerto Rico, un paraíso de corrupción gubernamental | Military And Police Drones Proliferate In Latin America | The Death Knell for “Enhanced Commonwealth” | Gov’s Associates Attack U.S. Senate Leaders on Their Home Turf Over “Commonwealth” | Puerto Rico Report


PR News - December 2013 - Updated on 12.26.13

No Man’s Air: Military And Police Drones Proliferate In Latin America | StratRisks

Puerto Rico, un paraíso de corrupción gubernamental

Cases of corruption in the Puerto Rican government level have increased although the mechanisms have deepened research, he transcended today as a result of the Fourth Summit Corruption.
The president judge of the District Court of the United States in Puerto Rico, Aida Delgado acknowledged that in 2010 cases of white collar crime reached 11 percent, while in 2012 it increased to 25.5 percent.
This, despite the harsh sentences involving shame and public officials in many cases for more than 15 years of performance in government, with a supposedly exposed unblemished record.
Federal Judge Delgado explained that of the 925 thousand cases seen in the District Court of United States in San Juan, 480 were for acts of government corruption.
Some of the damned is to receive insignificant amounts of money, considering the implications, to expedite the payment of debts to contractors.
The issue, however, does not stop there, as well as extortion is common to use government funds or equipment for private gain.
Puerto Rico, un paraíso de corrupción gubernamental
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