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Sabre Dance - Aram Khachaturian - YouTube

Sabre Dance - Aram Khachaturian - YouTube

Sabre Dance - Aram Khachaturian

New faces of corrupt colonialism - VOCERO

New faces of colonialism corrupt - Speaker of Puerto Rico
New faces of  corrupt colonialism - VOCERO
Just review the legal findings of the last four-year periods in which corruption, looting and misappropriation of public funds have led to the imprisonment of prominent mayors, legislators and senior government officials from both parties colonial. The evidence is ample, scandalous and shameful.
This new breed of 'honorable inconsequential' that comes every four years the political stage, has become the shame of the Puerto Rican People. They come to political power not to serve the people, but to serve the People. Their motivation is to have priority access to wealth and personal gain emanating from political power for personal gain. All People know that most of them do not possess the intellectual expectations or decorum to earn wages, allowances and stipends that are distributed in the Legislature, municipalities and central government.
This new wave generation in the PNP and PPD has learned from his predecessors that the Government of Puerto Rico is the appropriate setting to make money and live unscrupulously as officers, at the expense of the People taxpayer. They are crazy with elected positions because they live under the principle that the government has money to splurge where it 'delivers the best part it's up.' That's the slogan of the lie and public immorality prevailing in Puerto Rico.
Many of the 'new' in the PNP and PPD have proved most successful students, corrupt and evil than their own teachers. Just come to power to perpetuate colonialism corrupt.

Assaulted tourist will assist in further investigation - VOCERO

Tourist assaulted contribute to research - Speaker of Puerto Rico

Assaulted tourist  will assist in further investigation

She was discharged last Friday and returned to the city of Baltimore
The young American who was presumably sexually assaulted in Vieques in late March would return to Puerto Rico with his parents to contribute to the research, said the commander Antonio Lopez, director of the Police Region of Fajardo.
According to Lopez is a commitment from the parents of the young age of 29, a fourth-year medical, returned to participate in the process once it is determined whether there was a sexual assault and knows who attacked her causing a skull fracture.
She was discharged last Friday and returned to the city of Baltimore, Maryland.
According to information received by Lopez, the Justice Department and the Tourism Company would cover the cost of transportation of the youth and their parents when necessary to travel to the island
The results of various tests to determine whether he was sexually assaulted, which will be compared with the genetic profiles of five young men identified as "persons of interest" in the case, is expected to be ready for this week.


Ballet: Sabre Dance - MCB - YouTube

Ballet: Sabre Dance - MCB - YouTube

Ballet: Sabre Dance - MCB

We Want The Statehood - April 9, 2012 - Opinion - Jose Garriga Pico, Professor of Political Science UPR-RP - VOCERO

Statehood we want - Speaker of Puerto Rico

We Want The Statehood

Part of the series 'The New Statesman Escuelita'

Dedicated to my niece Camila Negron to meet its 15 years.
Does anyone want or promote what you do not know? Is it possible that the song says that "[s] in knowing you existed I wanted you, before I met you guessed"? In general, do not necessarily have to precede the knowledge of something to the decision or feeling of wanting or desiring? Come to the point, can a Puerto Rican Statehood want without knowing what it means?
In approaching these questions we realize that the most important task we have as we promote statehood for Puerto Rico is to ensure that voters know what is and what it implies statehood. Some leading statesmen evade this educational task is complex because they think and should be left to the experts. In fact, explain what Statehood is easier than you think. Here is why.
What is Statehood?
The term 'Statehood', in the sense that we use in Puerto Rico, is the constitutional status or condition shared by 50 states that make up the nation called the United States of America. The term is also used to mean the process of reaching that status. Simple, no? Come to detail.
America was the first nation to be founded on an explicit act of political will of its people to write, approve and ratify its Constitution, instead of arising product of a geographical or cultural determinism. Since its founding, the Nation accepts the principle of pluralism (E Pluribus Unum), tolerance for diversity (recorded on civil liberties), and the concept of new territories and new populations may form part of the Union. Since 1787, when representatives of the 13 original colonies created this concept of federation, 37 other different political units have become an integral part of the nation through the process of statehood.
Through this process, are added to the new nation states formed from territories (whether they are contiguous or separated by other land, such as Alaska, or the ocean, such as Hawaii) and populations that may be most diverse by location of origin or national origin. Initially, the states included the British and other Europeans and Africans from all parts of Africa. Subsequently been included, as an example, French in Louisiana, Spanish in Florida, Hawaiian and Japanese in Hawaii, Alaska Eskimos and Russians, and Mexicans (in the original territory of Mexico who became several southwestern states, from California to Texas).
In sum, each of the 37 member states had became populations with ethnic characteristics, including languages ​​other than English. Despite these differences, each came to participate in the federation on the same basis of equality ('on an equal footing') with all others. There are other older states, there are larger or richer than others, but there is no state better than another. All states are equal in the Union.
All also are governed by the same sovereign: the people, citizens who form the Nation. People that exercised and still exercises its sovereignty to adopt, amend and maintain, explicitly or implicitly, the Constitution, and, by choosing (or aspire to be elected) representative, senator, governor or president. The People also constantly involved through direct citizen participation mechanisms as presented in public hearings, initiate actions in court or jury service, public servant or soldier, to name a few.
To prevent tyranny in the government by consent of the governed, that sage town limits you to the national government powers to those listed in it and those that were necessary and appropriate to exercise the former. All other powers are divided between states and citizens. Each state also exercises limited powers under a state constitution adopted by its citizens. It can be given greater rights to citizens of the Constitution gives federal (but can not limit that gives this). Also create a state government that has to be of type R, that is, with separation of legislative, executive and judicial branches, with democratically elected legislators and the governor. The citizens of all states, regardless of their origin, are equal before the constitution and laws of the Nation and each of the states. They shall also enjoy complete freedom of movement, commerce, industry and employment in all states. Million Puerto Ricans born here enjoy those freedoms in the states.
Each state is entitled to elect two senators and a number of representatives proportional to its population size. For the election of president each state elects a number of electors equal to the sum of its senators and representatives to serve on the Electoral College called.
When Puerto Rico is state every four years we will have two senators and about five representatives in Congress and seven votes to the Electoral College. In addition, each person will be responsible for the same federal tax burden with people from other states under the principle of uniformity. That same principle shall be entitled to an increase in remittances and other benefits from the federal government, will dull much the new tax burden.
That, in essence, is the constitutional arrangement that brings statehood for all states. Beyond the legal and political there are many other details which I will detail in future columns. By reading the above you have felt that they knew all that. Do not get frustrated. That's my point. I wanted to show you, you already know what statehood, and have lived in Puerto Rico, in part, and the states completely, and that can explain and defend. Convince with simplicity and respect for their family and neighbors. Tell them "Statehood is simply the destination to which we go by the route already journeyed." They also find it easy to understand, if they have good will, because they too have experienced the beginning of statehood.
We can not deviate from that route. The changes would involve the independence or free association Sovereign derail us causing great upheaval and unrest in our constitutional-legal, which would impact negatively our level and lifestyle. Strengthen and improve Puerto Rico we already have with new powers and greater opportunities for development and welfare, that is we want statehood.
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4 Responses to "Statehood we want"

  1. Alberto - 09/04/2012
    leave a comment here and not know what happened but it is not.
    Again I congratulate Dr. Garrica Peak for so magnificent column where he tells the people of PR as PR people beneficiaa under statehood and independence as a negative impact or free sovereign Assn iacion ue derail us and causing great uneasiness convusion our constitutional and legal, which would impact negatively our level and lifestyle.
  2. Danny Cruz - 09/04/2012
    Puerto Rico is a beautiful country and corduroy, mango strawberry guava rivers and beaches ext no no no and take it off the Puerto Rican flag the berdaderos cuarquier load it into the 50 states without problems I lived in PR and in the states would be better tendri statehood veneficio best people trabbajadora and older person more and receive more federal aid people with my advice incontax federal vote [for statehood.
  3. Awilda Sepulveda- 09/04/2012
    People not only need guidance not only Statehood on Puerto Rican statehood but all we want this island. It would be of great benefit to know that involves the transformation to a republic and independence would entail that tranformacion.
  4. chico - 09/04/2012
    if you do not see Innorante conosea statehood votes not up to your ace aora lived are alive to be eaten inventing Quie not let you eat the dulses let you continue to think and not take away your home hanimales your food and your wife

El Nuevo Dia - Front Page - 8:07 AM 4/9/2012

The New Day - News from Puerto Rico, last minute information and media - The New Day

El Nuevo Dia - Front Page - 8:07 AM 4/9/2012

  • NEWS




    Peccadillos that cost a lot

    Practices like eating a fruit in the supermarket without paying for affecting the quality of life and involve millions in losses

    Resurgent controversy over the treatment of pitbulls

    Police killed a dog that bit one of their masters in a discussion partner. Photos and video

    Discussion on proposed changes to the PAN

    Pierluisi measure would eliminate the option of getting 25% of cash assistance

    El Nuevo Dia - Mike Nova's starred items - 7:56 AM 4/9/2012

    Google Reader - Mike Nova's starred items


    El Nuevo Dia - Mike Nova's starred items - 7:56 AM 4/9/2012

    Monday April 9, 2012

    Peccadillos that cost a lot

    Behaviors that seem insignificant are acts of corruption

    Resurgent debate on treatment of pitbulls

    Police killed a dog that bit one of their masters in a discussion partner. Photos and video

    Discussion on proposed changes to the PAN

    Pierluisi measure would eliminate the option of getting 25% of cash assistance

    A Puerto Rican boycott Tests

    They say do not respond to the reality in schools.

    Rise in suicides in the weekend

    Reported only two murders

    At ease with the intervention of the Supreme scrutiny

    Angel Cintron argues that Judge Candal had "an idea already formed"

    Save on legal fees

    Litigation costs are high, but there are alternatives that can alleviate the tight pockets

    Julian Gil became man to clean cantazo

    Thank you to the destination

    Friends and rivals

    Debora Seilhamer and Sarai Alvarez

    X 2012: Arecibo

    Meet the town and see the note that brought

    A life without pain

    Corrective exercise, a modality that combines personal training with physical therapy can help

    The science of male infidelity

    Women share their experiences

    Immortal William and Kate

    Museum reveals the replicas of the prince and his wife

    New routes of environmental awareness

    Family business is transformed to be eco-friendly

    'Real' debut of Jonathan Sánchhez

    Earned his first victory in the American League

    Puerto Rico closes with a flourish

    Puerto Rico secured her Group II permanenciaen

    Special night for Hector Santiago

    Reliever Hector Santiago achieves his first save

    Beltran's second homer

    The Puerto Rican hit his second homer of the season just started in the victory of San Luis

    Fund of $ 1 million reward

    To increase the cooperation of citizens

    Pedro Capo Release

    Your new video will be today

    A feast for "The Hunger Games"

    Dominant in its third weekend

    In the convent is not spoken

    Luis Saldana altered capriciously, a secret past of Juan Alejo Arizmendi and in his new novel

    North Korea's controversial missile ready to launch

    00:02 am On-going process that worries big powers

    U.S. signs pact with Afghanistan

    00:01 am nightly military incursions regulate

    Succumb Syrian peace agreement

    After papal emotional plea, Asad raised new conditions to the UN
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    What do you think of Puerto Rican Academic Achievement Tests?

    They are a good tool for measuring school
    These tests are outside the Puerto Rican reality
    Help the school in designing educational strategies
    They only serve to discredit and underestimate our public school

    Mets beat the Cowboys

    Mets were imposed on the Bayamon Cowboys 84-76 final slate

    Death of journalist Mike Wallace

    It was part of the "60 Minutes" for over 30 years

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    via The New Day: News on 4/9/12
    It crashed into a pole

    via The New Day: News on 4/9/12
    As a mockery of the dismissed employees

    via The New Day: Policy on 4/9/12
    As a mockery of the dismissed employees

    via The New Day: News on 4/9/12
    Problems confronted boats on the coast of Rincon

    via The New Day: News on 4/8/12
    They look insignificant but are acts of corruption

    via The New Day: News on 4/9/12
    The crime was recorded last night in New Sábalos

    via The New Day: News on 4/9/12
    The subject he took drugs and cash

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    via The New Day: News on 4/9/12
    He was treated at the scene by paramedics and then transported in serious condition at Medical Center

    via The New Day: News on 4/9/12
    Next Wednesday the institution opens its doors to future cockerels and Jerez

    via The New Day: News on 4/8/12
    To increase the cooperation of citizens


    Bittersweet Passover for abused children

    05:41 pm Mayor of San Juan and Secretary of the family left them planted

    PAN beneficiaries could lose 25%

    1:24 pm would be the effect of the proposal of Peter Island Pierluisi to be included in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

    Mutiny at Flamenco Beach

    Several individuals attacked three young men in Culebra

    Archbishop says of Cardinal Health

    Roberto Gonzalez Nieves said to be very sensitive and alert
    Gay couples celebrate "Kissed Santa"
    Protest homophobic and anti-abortion Catholic bishop Spanish
    Easter Mass at the Cathedral of St. John
    Archbishop Gonzalez Nieves imparts message of unity and peace for the people of Puerto Rico
    Evidence against Puerto Rican
    The Committee of Mothers and Fathers in defense of Puerto Rican Public School asked not to let the students take the exam
    Easter Celebrations around the world
    From the Vatican to Pakistan Christians celebrate on Easter Sunday
    The breakfast food mixed with lunch provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate Easter
    March 21 - 20 abrilLa honesty with yourself and your partner will be the best basis for that relationship right now. Have patience, there are still things to be resolved in your personal world and you have to arrive at a convincing solution to your ...

    Delicate Cardinal Luis Aponte Martinez

    The priest remains hospitalized in the Mutual Aid

    Parents against Puerto Rican tests

    They claim they do not measure academic achievement

    Delays in Family

    NBA: Lakers lose without Kobe Bryant

    7:26 a.m. The Phoenix Suns won by 125-105

    Dodgers third victory point run

    8:01 a.m. to earn RBI single by Dee Gordon

    Corpse found in the Caño Martín Peña

    11:03 a.m. The victim had a bruise on the buttocks and back

    Wound in the face to tourists in Culebra

    10:01 a.m. The man received medical care at a hospital in Fajardo
    "Life gave me more than I imagined," says guitarist

    First Lady of San Juan will support the heads of households

    Irma Garriga Santini promote initiatives for women

    Convicted of Law 54 may not be political candidates

    Norma Burgos Project seeks to amend the electoral code

    20 killed in Costa Rica

    2:24 pm Drowning and traffic accidents are common in Costa Rica during the Easter

    Brazil's president to meet Obama

    Rousseff today traveled to the U.S. for a two-day visit
    Our reporter visited his family last winter Pamplona
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    "The Pitbulls are not bad"

    Citizens share their experience and say that this breed is not necessarily dangerous.

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    via Twitter / ElNuevoDia on 4/8/12
    ElNuevoDia: Eliminate a Puerto Rican in # NuestraBellezaLatina

    via Twitter / ElNuevoDia on 4/8/12
    ElNuevoDia: Eliminate the Puerto Rican Tatiana Ares # NuestraBellezaLatina.

    via Twitter / ElNuevoDia on 4/8/12
    ElNuevoDia: Forfeit MediasRojas # and # # New York Yankees

    via Twitter / ElNuevoDia on 4/8/12
    ElNuevoDia: RT @ DeportesEND: BSN: Guaynabo Mets defeated the Cowboys tonight in Bayamon 84-76. Angel Vasallo 23pts

    via Review - The New Day on 4/8/12

    The triumph of Life

    We celebrated by Christians in the world this day, Easter Sunday, is what we want in the most intimate human beings, we are believers or not: that life, sooner or later triumph over relentless dogma death.

    Remove the water from the fish

    SERGIO RAMIREZT Hay Festival annually attracts dozens of writers, intellectuals and artists who come to Cartagena de Indias from around the world. Like a circus of several pi

    But yes, but not

    Edgardo Rodriguez JuliaWhat Garcia Padilla may have purchased his wife in a sex shop in Seattle? There's something about the personality of this young man who leaves me perplexed. Although, just to say, I have pas


    Gabino ChurchesIf tomorrow I get into a quadrilateral a yam and a hamburger, mashed would pottage. Unfortunately, the obvious supremacy of meat in bonded areas and element s

    Nanny Torres
    Representative of the readerWe see and we do a blind eye. Sometimes we give the fleece, the peseta and, like the weight. ¿Homeless? No. Are Addicted? No.
    I refer to children and adolescents who engage in order to lights, especially in busy avenues. Obvious, is where more money can be collected. And that, the vast majority of times, accompanied by adults.
    But do not ask to eat. They are children and adolescents seeking money either for the cost of sports clubs or graduate school, among other organizations.
    A few weeks ago the reader Benigno Ramos, Carolina, expressed concern about this dangerous form, which is made by letter on 65th Infantry Avenue, opposite the shopping center Plaza Escorial. The day after posting his letter, wrote the reader Ivette Rivera, San Juan, and commented that the same is happening in Cupey, on Highway 199, better known as The Summit, specifically between Borinquen Gardens traffic lights and exit to Las Americas Expressway.
    I live in Hato Rey and reality, and not because I've been told, but because I have seen, this happens almost as soon as you stop lights. Almost always, the weekend and the lights to go to Plaza Las Americas. I've seen adults as comfortable sitting on chairs while children and adolescents, walk between cars means, not only exposed to the risk of an accident, but the rudeness and insolence of either.
    Moreover, in one of these lights that allow entry to the "mall", I have seen girls dressed in baby clothes light, some with pots in hand and some water selling or advertising the car wash to cover the costs of graduation.
    Readers agree on certain questions. What about the parents of these children where they are? Is not neglect this practice?
    Is it wise to let our children, adolescents and young women are exposed to bad weather, smoke, soot, noise, undesirable remarks and know what else for a couple of pesos?
    Parents and school leaders and recreation have a genuine interest in financing these activities. But, have a duty to be creative enough for their legitimate purposes not ilegitimicen involvement because of inadequate and inappropriate sites, of these children. Just a tip.
    Send comments to
    We the people of Puerto Rico, we are tired of the abuse by our politicians, also, through their actions and decisions ignore community peace and attack, and the commitments made during the vote.
    We do not intend to change anyone's ideals. We know we can not change the tradition of political alignment, but we can require, collectively, a serious commitment of the leaders for whom we vote.
    The solution is withdrawal. Our duty as citizens in a democracy is to express our opinion on the candidates by voting.
    Let's vote, but vote only for candidates who commit in advance with the People.
    The Compact with the People shall consist of a written contract directly between the candidate and the voter, in which the first agrees, if elected, to the aspirations of the people expressed in the many forums that have been expressed.
    Each candidate will have to make this commitment with the people, or not get the benefit of their vote. As simple as that.
    Among the postulates required is the commitment to legislate to establish an effective system of accountability to the people, mid-term.
    The ideal is to hold parliamentary and municipal elections, similar to the federal system, or instead, legislate a system where the people hold impeachment process control.
    Architect Armando Vargas Villafane
    Sunday April 8, 2012

    What do you attribute the accumulation of trash on the beach holidays?

    A lack of government oversight
    A lack of civility of many vacationers
    A negligence in cleaning programs in these areas

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    Special Fund would reward police by law

    April 8, 2012 1:31 pm
    The rewards offered by the Police of Puerto Rico for information to assist in the investigation of crimes of a Special Fund will be established by law as a measure Present ...

    PAN beneficiaries could lose 25%

    April 8, 2012 1:24 pm
    A proposal by the Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi to Puerto Rico is included in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), could cause beneficiaries d ...

    First Lady of San Juan will support the heads of households

    April 8, 2012 1:18 pm
    By Inter News Service
    Four years after the establishment of the Casa Cuna de San Juan, the capital's first lady Irma Garriga Santini today announced new initiatives to promote women heads of f ...

    Convicted of Law 54 may not be political candidates

    April 8, 2012 1:13 pm
    By Inter News Service
    Those convicted of domestic violence and have to comply with a diversion program may not be candidates or candidates for elective positions, at least if a project is approved ...

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    via Twitter / ElNuevoDia on 4/8/12
    ElNuevoDia: Meet the processing of eggs country

    via Twitter / ElNuevoDia on 4/8/12
    ElNuevoDia: Watch the video: Dozens of gay couples kiss in protest against homophobic remarks from Bishop

    via Twitter / ElNuevoDia on 4/8/12
    ElNuevoDia: Unstoppable # CarmeloAnthony in victory for the Knicks #

    via Twitter / ElNuevoDia on 4/8/12
    ElNuevoDia: Mayor of San Juan and Secretary of the Family leave infants planted Household Baby Jesus

    via Twitter / ElNuevoDia on 4/8/12
    ElNuevoDia: More than 33,000 people traveled to # Vieques and Culebra # for # SemanaSanta

    via Twitter / ElNuevoDia on 4/8/12
    ElNuevoDia: Carrera space station on # PuertoRico

    via Twitter / ElNuevoDia on 4/8/12
    ElNuevoDia: bullet Injure a woman in # RíoPiedras

    via Twitter / ElNuevoDia on 4/8/12
    ElNuevoDia: Dominican: 29 killed in # SemanaSanta

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    via Twitter / ElNuevoDia on 4/8/12
    ElNuevoDia: young rescued adrift in # Corner

    via The New Day: Policy on 4/8/12
    Senator Melinda Romero presents for that purpose as

    via The New Day: Policy on 4/8/12
    It would be the effect of the proposal of Peter Island Pierluisi to be included in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

    via The New Day: Policy on 4/8/12
    Irma Garriga Santini promote initiatives for women

    via The New Day: Policy on 4/8/12
    Norma Burgos Project seeks to amend the electoral code of Puerto Rico

    Sunday April 8, 2012

    What do you attribute the accumulation of trash on the beach holidays?

    A lack of government oversight
    A lack of civility of many vacationers
    A negligence in cleaning programs in these areas

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    Saturday April 7, 2012

        no surveys at this time.

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        Mike Nova's starred items

        via Review - The New Day on 4/7/12


        There are some cultures in which the Holy Saturday is a day when sin is allowed. Let me explain. Yesterday, Good Friday, commemorated the death of Jesus of Nazareth. Tomorrow, Do

        A MEASURE crazy

        When the government still could not overcome the structural deficit, approving a bill as intended to give permanence to temporary employees who have worked in government for the past six months is a totally irresponsible act of government finances.

        A wonderful old

        OJEDA FELIX REYESTomorrow, Sunday April 8, commemorating the 185th birthday of Ramon Emeterio Betances who so rightly been called the Father of the Puerto Ricans

        The story of the colony

        Emilio GuedeIndependence which were introduced in the past the concept of colonial policy to degrade the Commonwealth. People ignored them. But this

        I applaud his administration have appointed a new police superintendent, Hector Pesquera, in its management to combat crime in our country and get more votes. However, the people no longer take any more. While police are trained resources, equipment and training to effectively investigate the case, I respectfully suggest the following:
        1-As the murderers abound in Puerto Rico for their respect and know the system is useless and will not be processed, refer to the FBI immediately all unsolved murder cases in the last three years during his term.
        2-Reform the judicial system completely so that there is corruption. The members of this system must work based on the laws and seeking the truth and not positions.
        3-Ensure that the judgments are fair and proportionate depending on the offense. How in two recent cases in which both men have murdered his companions, one receives a sentence of 96 years and the other a sentence of only 9 years?
        4-Break the obvious link between indecent Department of Justice and Kobo Santarosa. It would appear that in Puerto Rico is what is said in that program.
        5-Think about what Puerto Rican families suffer, we can no longer go out. It should not be acceptable to be taken as normal to live exposed to so many murders, and that the suffering of the families is twofold: the loss of a loved one and the lack of justice.
        Jorge L. Rivera
        I just learned that we have no courts of first instance and that there is only the Supreme Court, which to me is nothing supreme serves as only a political party.
        It seems incredible that the only thing that could be trusted (meaning the courts) and just be a simple and disgusting pit wall.
        I do not find out that my privacy election was lost because I have or will have to do something to protect that privacy.
        Edwin R. Baez
        Puerto Rico is surrounded on all four sides. The New Progressive Party is strangling us and not we learn. No protests or requests forum. No one defends.
        Having total control of the party in power, Puerto Rico is at the mercy of unscrupulous majority. Agencies dominate at will. Control the judiciary and the economy. Only they live well. We pay gas, water, electricity, housing. We give them a good stipend and gave them the legislative branch.
        Their mayors dominate at will. Only they and their employers live in opulence. The others, well, we are the others.
        Santos Vega

        no surveys at this time.

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        via Review - The New Day on 4/7/12
        Saturday April 7, 2012

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        Sunday April 8, 2012

        Five visions, one faith

        Although they represent different denominations share the optimism of religious salvation

        Without investigating 30,000 cases of abuse

        Reported numerous delays in Family

        It's time to live with less

        For many Puerto Ricans, frugal living is the best option at this time of crisis. The slogan is to zero overspending.

        Microjuris for all age groups

        The portal seeks to reach an audience different from the legal community

        Paco de Lucia: "My goal was to eat"

        "Life gave me a lot more than I could have imagined," says Paco de Lucia, innovative guitar and father of the new flamenco

        With eyes fixed on who throw trash

        Natural Resources promotes denounce those who leave the dirty beach

        Artists involved in the adventure of business

        Many entertainment figures will take money to their names

        And there was brunch


        The palace of the eggs

        Meet elprocesamiento of eggs in the country

        Diabetes also can affect

        Learn about the care and treatment

        With a voice in household

        If nursing home resident councils are created, they can defend their rights

        Vieques pending the ACLU

        Investigate irregularities in the launch service

        Mobilized against the crime of Vieques

        Vieques organization founded Against Crime

        ESA bet on renewable energy

        The nine projects join the 31 existing ones to generate 'clean energy'

        Cater to a group of interim managers

        Of the schools improvement plan and others hope for a meeting

        End the run of the Indians in the BSN

        The Indians are stopped the streak of 8 wins

        Marlins win their first

        They beat Cincinnati yesterday after losing the previous two games

        Coamo best baseball bats in Double-A

        Three teams from the Southern Section are among the top offenses in the league

        Yankees fall again to Tampa

        They scored four in the ninth but was not enough

        Downhill Minnesota

        JJ Barea achieved 10 points in fifth straight loss to the Timberwolves, who turn away from the classification

        Two bullets wounded a police officer

        He was attacked in the residential Las Margaritas

        Goddess of the romance novel

        Corin Tellado wrote about a feeling that just met

        Short to Long

        Read the piece that started the revolution in computerized animation

        Packeteers of laughter

        The theatrical comedy opening Friday in Fine Arts

        Galapagos Islands: A laboratory climate?

        In these islands is studied to establish a model low carbon development

        Changes in electric shock Electric Roger

        The company seeks a new niche of customers and sets his sights on expanding into overseas markets

        Change the tax actually

        Although companies will pay less taxes to reform, new problems emerge

        Date with art at La Cava

        A Swiss chef fuses the Creole taste Mediterranean cuisine influenced by sdfsdf sdfsdfsdf

        Long live diversity!

        Our reporter visited his family Pamplona this past winter destination that we recommend at least a three-day visit to prove in court the taste of the cuisine, the nightlife and the picturesque beauty of its malls.

        The night is long in Cartagena

        This Colombian city is the perfect destination for Puerto Ricans want pachanguear, shop, eat and listen to good salsa in a safe environment.
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        What do you attribute the accumulation of trash on the beach holidays?

        A lack of government oversight
        A lack of civility of many vacationers
        A negligence in cleaning programs in these areas

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        The woman who was killed by walking with another man who was not her husband

        The murders of women in Gaza have the favor of justice. They are crimes of honor.

        Cubans celebrated the first Good Friday holiday

        The papal visit did the government declared the holiday after 53 years

        Show moon tonight

        The Puerto Ricans send natural satellite images View Photos

        Surprise Perez Hilton drastic change in physical

        Farádula blogger appeared shirtless and with well-defined abdominals in NewNowNext Awards Logo
        Magician who uses technology to its illusions
        Use iPhones, high-speed cameras and robots to do magic tricks
        Libyans enjoy the exclusive beaches of Gaddafi
        After the revolution freed thousands of miles of coastline that were reserved for the elite in Libya
        Curiosities and world records in Prague
        As part of the spring fair in the Plaza Vieja
        Google introduces "smart glasses"
        New computing devices that are used as glasses and do the same as the "smart phones"

        Hot new video of JLo

        Seduces her boyfriend in music video

        Volunteers transform Children's House Manuel Fernandez Juncos

        In eight hours, a group of 220 volunteers overhauled the institution.

        NBA: Luis Scola Unstoppable

        The Rockets beat the Lakers 112-107

        Grand Slam for Carlos Pena

        The Dominican had a clear message about the power of your tree

        Confined generate $ 2 million to Correction

        About two thousand prisoners have generated income through work programs

        Motorcyclist dies in Arecibo

        The men crashed into cement post in the residential Zeno Gandia.

        Baby's first photos of Luis Fonsi

        The beautiful Mikaela

        Thomas Kinkade painter dies

        The American artist of 54 years died of natural causes.

        Amanda Bynes is arrested after crash against patrol

        She allegedly was drunk and was arrested at 3:00 am in Hollywood

        Jellyfish attack 670 people

        The high number of injured swimmers in Nicaragua raises concerns
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        Huge hole in Loiza Street in Santurce

        Has become a threat to the conductors

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