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News Review - 7:28 PM 4/17/2012

News Review - 7:28 PM 4/17/2012

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In Greece, the welfare system and family networks are struggling to cope with the need for food handouts. Read Kerin Hope's report on the volunteers stepping in to tackle rising poverty in the country: http://on.ft.com/HPnbGd

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The big story of the day is Repsol, the Spanish oil group, accusing Argentina of seizing its YPF unit. Repsol said it would seek at least $10.5bn in compensation as tensions escalated between Madrid and Buenos Aires. Watch our video to learn more about the story:

Argentina seizes control of YPF
FT writers discuss the impact on foreign investors

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Alan Turing - Prof Barry Cooper, the chair of the celebrations marking 100 years since the birth of the world's first computer scientist, starts a series of guest posts for Guardian Northerner

De-coding the Turing family
The story of Alan Turing has a hold on the world's imagination

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Op-Ed columnist Paul Krugman writes, "Rather than admit that they’ve been wrong, European leaders seem determined to drive their economy — and their society — off a cliff. And the whole world will pay the price."

Europe’s Economic Suicide
With European leaders doubling down on their failed policies, it’s getting harder and harder to believe that anything will get them to change course.

Staff, Caribbean Busienss, 4/17/2012

Noticel, Daily Sun, 4/17/2012


What We Should Really Make of the Obama-Romney 'Gender Gap'
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
And Latinos are a diverse group unto themselves, with Cuban-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans, and others with vastly different views on everything from immigration policy to Puerto Rican statehood. And, of course, national polls are almost ...
Ann Romney in spotlight on her birthdayLocal 10
Will Evangelicals Vote for a Mormon Candidate?ChristianityToday.com (blog)

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The Star-Ledger - NJ.com

The Latino vote in the 2012 presidential race: A Q&A
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com
And the politics of Puerto Ricans are changing. You have a larger pro-statehood component in the South. It raises questions about whether the old formulas work today. And then there's the elephant in the room. A. We have a black president.

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If you say Fortuño hasn't “attained a mastery of the tax and budgeting process,” then your ignorance of Puerto Rican politics is showing. Whether you agree with Fortuño or not on his statehood stance (and I don't), you have to ...

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No letters in today's Puerto Rico Daily Sun - Tuesday - April 17, 2012. Almost two weeks of no letters. This is one of my favorite sections of the Daily Sun.
I wonder if the Puerto Rico Daily Sun is purposely not publishing letters to the editor in order that The San Juan Star's small clique of disgusting hate letter writers have no source to feed on for their hate letters. It is almost two weeks that the Daily Sun has not published letters from readers.
These haters in the Star love to write personal insults against anyone who is pro-America. These haters will seize on respectful letters in the Daily Sun to distort and insult in every possible way. The letters that they write for The San Juan Star is sick venom and journalism at its worse.
Today's San Juan Star is the complete opposite of the wonderful, Pulitizer prize wining original Star. It ain't like the one in "The Rum Diary" movie.
Why does the honorable and wonderful New York Times allow their news service to be in this second generation of The San Juan Star? The Times is in no way like The San Juan Star. The NYT has the highest standards for professionalism and journalism ethics. It should associate with it own kind of honorable journalists and publishers.

Hispanically Speaking News

Former Puerto Rican Cop Accused of Raping Massachusetts Med Student
Hispanically Speaking News
A vacationing medical student from Massachusetts was raped by an ex-policeman in an apartment building in San Juan's Condado neighborhood, Puerto Rican authorities said Monday. The Puerto Rico Police Department said that William Rodriguez, ...

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Puerto Rican nationalist seeks release on bond
The Journal News | LoHud.com
(WTW) — A 66-year-old Puerto Rican nationalist awaiting trial in a record-setting 1983 robbery has asked to be released on bond, saying that the conditions of his detention are restricting his communication with family and trusted advisers as he ...

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Puerto Rico's stunning coastline and unrivaled landscape make it a must-see destination.

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“Official English” and the Politics of Statehood - The Center

“Official English” and the Politics of Statehood - The Center
“Official English” and the Politics of Statehood - The Center

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English-only movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

English-only movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
English-only movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Wall Photos
Hoy hace 100 años se hundió el Titanic... hoy sin duda no se hubiera hundido... tu qué crees??

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Martes 17 de abril de 2012 Sale caro el evasor de cuello blanco Se estima que las arcas del gobierno dejan de recibir hasta $900 millones al año cortesía de los evasores contributivos La cruz del costo energético Factores internos y externos le impiden a la AEE ofrecer servicio a un precio tolerable....

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ROTUNDO NO A LA PENA CAPITAL Nuevamente, el Tribunal federal para el distrito de Puerto Rico es escenario sombrío de un proceso judicial en el que un jurado podría tener en sus manos la vida de un acusado por asesinato. Por principio, condenamos y rechazamos ese tipo de condena, porque choca con nuestra tradición constitucional y con nuestros valores como pueblo. El estado de derecho EFRÉN RIVERA RAMOS Desde Washington hasta Pekín, pasando...

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Could really pick Romney Puerto Rico Gov . Luis Fortuno (R) as historical running mate? While Gov . Luis Fortuno is not polished, I eat across as honest and sincere. Being from poor, poverty stricken Puerto Rico would give him ...

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Puerto Rico Gov . Luis Fortuno (R) is a sleeper pick for the No. 2 spot on the 2012 presidential ticket, According To GOP Strategists. Republican front-runner Mitt Romney has historical Kept cards close to chest on vice presidential historical ...

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With the recent confirmation of Superintendent Hector Pesquera, the third in four years so far, the Police of Puerto Rico must take up the responsibility of leading a real anti-crime action plan that can deal with the phenomenon of violence envelops us.


MAYRA MONTEROBefore going to the theme, a tiny brackets: an agonizing event in a world in crisis, such as Miss Universe, I want to prolong life by pulling the veil of a

Its north was always the service of faith as an instrument of his people to redemption. After his death last Tuesday surrounded by his family, the country has been flooded in

Agustin Lara in black and white

RAFAEL SÁNCHEZ LUIS 1A soundtrack to entertain the reader, in anticipation that narrate the story, several paragraphs later. The band collects tracks, live

What a day!

Merino Ruth MendezTraditionally today is the day when, gnashing his teeth and reluctantly paid the debt we have contracted with the treasury. I say "traditionally" because this YEAR

The statistics of many abused children in Puerto Rico and around the world are alarming. Behind every abused child is a story that must be converted into a new beginning of life and hope.
Every experience a child can make your life positively or negatively. We know that to the extent that those experiences are favorable to them we will be cementing their physical and emotional. Props key to achieving our children reach the potential they have right in their lives.
As responsible citizens, we must work together-not just during the month of April but 365 days a year to work strongly and defend those who can not do for themselves and whose voices are not heard.
Our effort should be directed to recall the memory of those children physically abused who are no longer with us, to show solidarity and rescue those children who are innocent victims of this and live the ravages of this disease, and be proactive in support those who survived.
Do not let the lives of the greatest treasure we have, children, are botched. For a better Puerto Rico, the prevention of child maltreatment must be responsibility.
Say this, to defend the abused children, seed and promise of the future of our Island
Sandra S. JD Rivero, MA
WANT TO RAISE THE PAST AND REVIVE THE GLORIOUS MOMENTS, humorous or CURIOUS OF STUDENT LIFE? Send your photo with a brief commentary of the event: recordaresvivir@elnuevodia.com or mail to El Nuevo Dia, Letters Section, PO Box 9227512, San Juan, PR 00922-7512.
Nanny Torres
Representative of the readerT he last Thursday I attended the launch of "Domestic Violence in Law 54, literature, music and movies," authored by Mr. Pedro Malavet Vega, a prestigious lawyer, law professor and writer. The activity was held in the auditorium of the University of the East.
In charge of the presentation was Dr. Angel Manuel Rivera Incarnation, lawyer, writer and professor in the Department of Social and Human Sciences of this institution.
Before an audience of mostly young students, Dr. Encarnacion began his speech by quoting "that domestic violence is universal, is manifest in the United States, India, in the Dominican Republic, China, Spain ... In Puerto Rico only 216.831 were identified domestic violence incidents between 2000 and 2010. The reality is much more prolific in terms of these acts and their response must be sought in the whole social order, as does our author. " A frightening figure.
The exchange literary and socio-legal lasted almost two hours. Discussions such as discrimination against women in Puerto Rico, scenes of violence against women in readings such as Don Quixote in the popular song, from the bolero, the tango, the peasant song to salsa and reggaeton caught the attention of students . Same with the theme of the film industry.
It was obvious that with a title as indicated and data such as those offered, one hundred young people, insist on identifying demographics, pay attention fixed partners.
In the end, Mr. Malavet addressed the students with a unique style caught them in a serious discussion of ballast in society is gender violence.
I conclude with the final words of Dr. Encarnacion in his presentation "as has been seen, the purpose of this paper is to exhaust the subject of domestic violence and present from all possible cultural events. It has become part of every event, from any conduct, to the point that filters them and passes almost unnoticed. The author is convinced that the attack should take an interdisciplinary approach. His effort is a contribution to the awareness of the phenomenon, is a contribution that helps create a more just and egalitarian society. "
A contribution that we make all.
Write to ntorres1@elnuevodia.com

Puerto Rico is going through an economic crisis marked on all items. It is sad to see it and live it. So many people suffer from the basic needs for not having money.
But how much you may receive federal money to implement projects in schools as the SIE project that truly add nothing to teach the student?
Thousands of dollars going into the pocket of the rich in juicy contracts. The poor teacher of the Department of Education has to take out of your pocket to buy the materials for the classroom, as you have them.
Blessed, where are we going to stop.

Iris M. Montes

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The agreement reached between the election commissioners of the two major parties is an affirmative step to overcome the impasse that prevented the Election Commission to start the counting of past primaries, but in reality we still mechanisms for the effective control of electoral events like that.

Twelve thousand something

Felix JimenezMy grandfather, still young and dressed up in those sepia 1960, always came home with the same elegance and fervor. He exited her car, scented kisses distributed

We spend as rich, but ...

IBRAHIM PEREZOur health system is composed of separate fragments of insured and Medicare, employer insurance, and other government reform and of course

Fight for equality

PADILLA HERNÁNOne area that should be discussed before the plebiscite is the economic development of Puerto Rico during the past six decades under colonial territorial status. The limit

April 1 and, with high, and closing of eyes, vanished the hopes of Minnesota entering the playoffs, but this month has earned Barea to make up for so many injuries and d

On December 18, 2006 reported the problem of lack of lighting on Route 66, specifically in the first section of Carolina. The management was with the Office of Citizen Services Transportation and Public Works. Two days later, the DTOP replied via e-mail notifying that "the complaint was referred immediately to knowledge and action to the attention of the engineer Harold Cortes."
Apparently the engineer Cortes has us in their thoughts and their actions because nothing has been done in the section I referred to.
Viera Omayra
Abusing a child self-esteem weakens and degrades their dignity. Keep it under the yoke of those who abuse, ruins the possibility of an irreproachable conduct in its development.
If adults are turning their savage fury against these vulnerable beings of tender age, the final product will be extremely harmful. Unfortunately, this happens every day. The humiliated and abused without mercy, often causing death.
Do not exterminate the trust and affection that every child gives us a full arms. Take time to rescue these souls battered and burnt uproot them live. There are too many cases of child abuse. Immediate attention to these children does not allow extension.
Ivette Robles Cofiño
Once again we have to bear the style and disrespectful atropellante Thomas Rivera Schatz, to discuss their views.
In this man does not care how his style and how to proceed discredits the Legislature. When it imposes its criteria as a dictatorship, trample morality. It does not take into account that, by offending the moral employment of members of the Legislature, offends all the voters of Puerto Rico.
Bhatia is true, the Legislature nauseating! Who is believed to Rivera Schatz? Does he know that Bhatia is emerging as a possible future candidate for governor of Puerto Rico?
Regardless of the approaches and criteria that may be their opponents in the Senate, Rivera Schatz has to respect them and treat them with the same propriety, honor and respectability that he expects from his opponents.
As a Puerto Rican, I feel shame for what bajuno and mean it has become the body of the Senate under his presidency. Nobody should miss the words of Eduardo Bhatia, saying that approval of $ 200,000 in the budget of the joint commission on public-private partnerships is to encourage Norma Burgos.
Talk Bhatia, Bhatia shout!
Edwin Otero Otero
For over a year's near the intersection of 9 and 9A of the Rio Lajas community in Golden, we have been suffering from the incompetence and lack of sensitivity of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA).
A ruptured underground water pipes that could not be detected by the AAA is causing considerable damage to several residences in the sector.
Water seeps underground and gets inside the houses, yards and full septic tanks. Least two residences in the water exits the room floor and rooms.
It's a constant leak that worsens with rainfall events and only gives in times when no water service. The main pipe that carries water to the community is an iron pipe in place for over 50 years by locals with the famous program of Mutual Aid and Self Help.
In more than six occasions AAA crews have come to place pieces of pipe repair and reappears the next day and the water leak, with the aggravating circumstance that increases the places and houses where most leaks occur.
Currently the road is torn repairs. There have been many efforts to AAA and the municipality of Dorado, but as usual, much bla bla bla and promises, but do nothing to correct the problem.
Heriberto Román
The column of Carlos Alberto Montaner, entitled "Vatican Inc. (With apologies)", published on Sunday April 8, is cynical and vulgar shock against the Catholic Church, especially since Pope Benedict did not travel to Cuba to meet with opposition politics, but to gain a voice in a land that has paid expensive suppression of its catholicity.
While some find it hard to understand, capitalism and the choices are not matters of the Gospels. The pope spoke "without fear or bitterness," others, instead of taking refuge in the easy intricacies of demagoguery, should take example.
Erick G. Negron Rivera
San Juan

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Again, the Federal Court for the District of Puerto Rico is dark stage of a trial in which a jury could get their hands on the life of a defendant for murder. In principle, we condemn and reject this type of conviction, because it conflicts with our constitutional tradition and our values ​​as a people.

The rule of law

RAMOS RIVERA EFRÉN From Washington to Beijing, and on nearly all the capitals of the world, proclaiming the need to respect the "rule of law". The claim is


Huascar Robles CarrasquilloShort or long. That is the question. We see, hear. After the forms we take root naturally. So natural is that when we call the hotline of the Department of

We improve special education

JOSE HERNANDEZ GIOVANNI LUIGGIOne of the important needs for the youth of Puerto Rico is the improvement to education from all angles and in all areas, but there is a group of student

Although lower the price of oil or gas used to generate electricity is almost impossible to see a reduction in our bill for the following:
The fuel adjustment happy there are some lines that continue to grow as we paid subsidies, theft of light and materials, which do not pay for deadbeats, as used by municipalities, contractors who steal stick to poles, which they use in the parks, what was spent in the pipeline, very high wage increases, which fail to pay close factories, which used in convention centers, what they spend on lobbyists, etc..
Because all this every day increased by the lack of controls. There will always be people asking for more subsidies and more people stealing.
Sixto Morales
The professional relations practitioner and journalist Iris Eden James has been hospitalized in the Oncology Hospital in Rio Piedras Medical Center after surgery on Friday to save his life.
Eden Iris has no biological family to help in a difficult time, so his group of friends created an account to assist with medical expenses.
The account is at Banco Santander, Loiza Street branch, with the number 4001785848 - Funds Eden Iris Santiago.
Pedro Arroyo was a complete professional and his love for music and the genre of salsa is well known and appreciated. Peter is an irreplaceable figure, impossible to imitate.
We thank God you've placed in the path of the sauce, as its contribution for it places in a prestigious venue. We are all very struck by this. To his wife Ana and their children, our condolences.
Pedro Arroyo now rests, but his legacy for the music will continue through the annual celebration of Salsa in Puerto Rico and in the memories of all enjoyed the event.
Peter, let in Puerto Rico and the salsa world very sad for your physical game, but your heritage and your love for the genre will live forever.
Juan Pablo Martinez Rosa
The Stones
Still in my memory is present on 18 March 1984. 29 years ago when that heart salsa, cocolo of the forest, excellent radio programmer and a great visionary, his dream became reality: the first National Day of Zalsa of the famous radio station Z-93.
There were only a few thousand, a small platform and a modest sound system, but the great Peter himself who managed and we, the faithful salseros present, never imagined that we were witnessing the beginning of what would be the annual salsa largest and busiest music in Puerto Rico.
Since then we are more than 30,000 Salseros in each edition and I guess for the celebration of 30 years, this will be the apotheosis and extraordinary. Surely dedicated to that man behind the music world colossus, Pedro Arroyo.
This is the great legacy that Peter Arroyo leaves all of us, the salsa.
I give you a million thanks for keeping our music genre alive, for your dedication and your passion and your big heart.
Men like you make a difference in our culture and our country. Thanks to you the zalsa is spelled with z.
May you rest in peace and live the zalsa!
Hector Donato
Looking for a new head of the Power Authority. The requirements are as follows: first, he must be lying. Second, you have to say that things are better than ever. Third, you have to say that the fault of the popular. Fourth, the pipeline is nearly approved and, finally, that the rate will fall to summer. Yes Pepe!
Oh, I forget, you have to say what you are told to say. Not have to have any academic training, with those requirements is sufficient.
Alfonso Serrano, MD

What do you think will be the findings of the general scrutiny of the primaries?

Crime and other irregularities of both the PNP and the PPD
Unintentional failures in the management of votes and the minutes
Nothing relevant

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Kim picked to lead American World Bank

WASHINGTON - Jim Yong Kim, an American who is president of Dartmouth College, has ...

Argentina moves to nationalize oil firm

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - Argentine President Cristina Fernandez on Monday propose ...

Militaries Fri for Arctic ice cap melting edge as it opens lanes, resources

YOKOSUKA, Japan - To the world's military leaders, the discussion over climate c ...

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Mike Nova's starred items

Erick Sánchez is a puertorican visual artist who is now showing his current series "Dangerous Land" at the William Bennett Gallery in Soho. Here is a look into Erick Sanchez' painting process and apocalyptic world.

Interview with Erick Sánchez -- A Film by Vincent Zambrano
Erick Sánchez is a visual artist who is now showing his current series "Dangerous Land" at the William Bennett Gallery in Soho. I had the pleasure to intervi...