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News Reviews: World News Review - 9:30 AM 5/4/2013

News Reviews: World News Review - 9:30 AM 5/4/2013: World News Review »   Boston Marathon bombing puts terrorist watch lists under scrutiny - WCVB Boston 04/05/13 13:05 from  Top Sto...

5/4/2013 - President Barack Obama visits Mexico and Costa Rica - Global Voices | More top officials at Puerto Rico's biggest public university quit over ... Washington Post

MetroDeportes: Vuelve a llorar el rancho vaquero... Pierden su 4to juego consecutivo.

9:00 AM 5/4/2013

7:13 AM 5/4/2013 - US funds still grab Puerto Rico municipal bonds despite risks - Reuters - 5/4/2013

Emboldened, Mexican Cartels Put Down Roots in U.S. Heartland - 5/4/2013 - Latin American Herald Tribune

As the rainy season looms, cholera is still a deadly threat in - 5/4/2013 - Caribbean Newspapers - Get the latest news about the Caribbean and West Indies

Courts beset by money woes are putting paradise on hold - The South Florida Times - 5/2/2013

Chinese firm to build solar research center in Puerto Rico - Business Standard - 5/4/2013

Stocks surge to record highs on hiring - 5/3/2013

The workout artists - - 5/4/2013

Danielle Kaufman, M.D.: The Day My Wife Came Out To Me... And Then I Came Out To Her - 5/4/2013 - Danielle Kaufman, M.D.

#Obama in #Mexico for talks on economy, security. Read: #caribbeanbusiness

Leadership posts filled in UPR shakeup
Issued: May 3, 2013
The top two posts at the University of Puerto Rico have been filled after a ...

New president to lead Puerto Rico university board amid flurry of resignations
Windsor Star
The new board of the University of Puerto Rico on Thursday appointed Jorge Sanchez as president. Sanchez is a dermatologist who has held several positions within the university system and previously was the governor's adviser on health issues. 

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Another Puerto Rico University Official Resigns
ABC News
Another Puerto Rico University Official Resigns. SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico May 3, 2013 (AP). Share. 0. The president of the University of Puerto Rico's main campus has resigned just days after the presidents of the university's 10 other campuses did the same.

More top university officials quit in Puerto RicoLas Vegas Sun

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Another top university official in Puerto Rico resigns amid protest
Washington Post
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The president of the University of Puerto Rico's main campus has resigned just days after the presidents of the university's 10 other campuses did the same. Friday's announcement by Ana Guadalupe comes amid a flurry of ...

Washington Post

More top officials at Puerto Rico's biggest public university quit over ...
Washington Post
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — More top officials at Puerto Rico's largest public university have resigned over the governor's signing of a hotly debated law to revamp the institution's board of directors. University presidents in at least four campuses of ...
Puerto Rico Worst-to-First Returns Turning on April: Muni CreditBloomberg

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US funds still grab Puerto Rico municipal bonds despite risks
By Sam Forgione NEW YORK, May 3 (Reuters) - Top investment firms such as Franklin Templeton and Oppenheimer have funds that still hold significant amounts of high-yielding Puerto Ricanmunicipal bonds, despite risks inherent in the Caribbean island's ...

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Stocks surge to record highs on hiring

NEW YORK — Stocks surged to all-time highs Friday when a surprisingly good jobs ...

Not Teaching English Causes High Jobless Rate in Puerto Rico
Puerto Ricans not being taught English is keeping many out of the labor market in the territory, according to experts interviewed by Caribbean Business, a respected English-language newspaper focusing on business and the economy as well as other news in Puerto Rico.
“These workers become or remain unemployable, at least for upward-mobility jobs that command decent pay,” according to an article published today.
“[L]ack of English proficiency hurts the local economy, “ it reported.
The paper quoted an executive employment firm head as saying that, “Without being able to effectively read, write and speak English, regardless of a candidate’s other qualifications, they aren’t considered for these positions.”
The article was prompted by a professional poll for the paper and English language WOSO radio station in Puerto Rico. It found 28% of those interviewed to be fluent in English, down from 33% in 2011.
The poll had an error margin of .9%. The decrease could be due to Puerto Ricans moving to the States for greater social program and employment opportunities. Hundreds of thousands have moved to take advantage of a better life under statehood in recent years. The U.S. Census Bureau last year reported that 76,218 Puerto Ricans moved to the States during the prior year period calculated.
In 2010, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill stating that “it is in the best interest of the United States for the teaching of English to be promoted in Puerto Rico as the language of opportunity and empowerment.” The legislation expressed a goal of enabling students in Puerto Rico’s “public schools to achieve English language proficiency.”
Puerto Rico is very unequally treated compared to the States, however, in the Federal program funding English language education in schools for students with limited knowledge of English. Funding in the States is based on the number of students needing the help. Grants to Puerto Rico are limited to .5% of the program’s funding — although the territory’s percentage of the national public school student population without substantial English language ability is many times larger.
“Commonwealth” party administrations in Puerto Rico have not wanted to teach most public school students English, although knowledge of English is critical to the incomes of many Puerto Ricans — whether they stay in the islands or move to the States. ‘Commonwealthers’ have appeared to fear that greater English language ability in Puerto Rico would lead to greater support for statehood in the territory.
The party has also worked with small groups in the States that want English to be the official language of the country to oppose statehood for Puerto Rico in Congress.
Their efforts have led to amendments to two of the Puerto Rico status choice bills that the U.S. House has passed to require that English be the exclusive language of the government of a State of Puerto Rico. In both cases, the amendments were defeated. This occurred in 1998, in a House dominated by Republicans, and in 2010, in the bill that called for greater English education in Puerto Rico in a House with a Democratic majority.

President Barack Obama visits Mexico and Costa Rica
On May 2, U.S. President Barack Obama began his trip through Mexico and Costa Rica with the intention of addressing vitally important themes for the region that include the expansion of commerce and economic and energy cooperation, as well as issues of security, immigration, government and control of illegal drug trafficking. With this visit, Obama completes his fourth visit on Mexican soil.
President Obama's visit arrives at a time when the possibility of establishing migration reform that permits the legalization of more than 11 million undocumented immigrants is still being discussed in Washington. Therefore, before beginning his visit, the president met with dozens of Hispanic leaders in the White House to discuss the cultural, familial and economic ties that the U.S. maintains with its Latin American neighbors.
El Presidente Barack Obama inicia su periplo por México y Costa Rica. Foto de Flickr/jamesomalley (CC BY 2.0)
President Barack Obama begins his trip through Mexico and Costa Rica. Photo from Flickr/jamesomalley (CC BY 2.0)
Many analysts agree the visit should not only concentrate on issues of security, as Obama used to do during Felipe Calderón's term, but should also address the economic growth that Mexico has experienced in that past years, the growth of the middle class and the purchasing power in the countries that he intends to visit. According to a recent article from Foreign Policy, Mexico has decreased its use of U.S. military services to capture mafia “Big Fish” such as Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman, stemming from the Mexican's impatience with the way the U.S. has approached the issue of drugs.
Some Twitter-users, like Mexican Martha Delgado (@marthadelgado) [es], expressed their expectations before Obama's visit.
@marthadelgado: Costa Rica pedirá inversión en energías limpias al presidente Obama…¿serán energías limpias tema en la visita de Obama a México?
@marthadelgado: Costa Rica will ask President Obama for investment in clean energy…will clean energy be a topic in Obama's visit to Mexico?
Angélica Fernández (@OyeAngelica) [es] does the same:
@OyeAngelica#Latinoamerica México recibe a Obama con la esperanza de definir una nueva relación estratégica
@OyeAngelica#Latinoamerica [Latin America] Mexico receives Obama with the hope of defining a new strategic relation [es]
The economy will be the primary topic, according to (@blogtico) [es]:
@blogtico: Según la Casa Blanca: la visita de Obama a México y Costa Rica tendrá acento económico #costarica
@blogtico: According to the White House: Obama's visit to Mexico and Costa Rica will have an economic emphasis [es] #costarica
Others, like Razor (@hale_razor), argue that President Obama should do more for the local economy than for the economies of other countries.
@hale_razor: Obama heads to Mexico & Costa Rica in May to promote economic growth & development in Central America. He might want to try that here. #tcot
Others, like Pablo Ventoso (@blito_amargo) [es], are not optimists about Obama's trip:
@blito_amargo: Obama sobre viaje a México y Costa Rica: “Queremos asegurarnos de que nuestro hemisferio esté más integrado” Ojalá y hable del cerebral
@blito_amargo: Obama on his visit to Mexico and Costa Rica: “We want to make sure that our hemisphere is more integrated.” I hope he is referring to the cerebral [hemisphere]
María Hilaria Max (@mariamasherrera) [es] affirms that the delicate topic of Venezuela will also be discussed during the trip:
@mariamasherrera: Obama espera abordar el tema de la situación política de Venezuela en su gira por Latinoamérica… vía @noticias24
@mariamasherrera: Obama hopes to address the political situation in Venezuela during his trip through Latin America… [es] from @noticias24 [news24]
Desiree Rivas (@DesireeRivasRui) [es] disagrees about the possibility that Venezuela will be a topic of discussion:
@DesireeRivasRui: Quien le dijo a Obama q aborde el tema de Venezuela en su gira por latinoamérica? Ojalá nuestros hermanos no c presten para este tema interno
@DesireeRivasRui: Who told Obama to address the topic of Venezuela in his trip through Latin America? Hopefully our brothers don't lend to this internal issue.
Vanessa Ortiz (@VanessaOrtiz) [es] affirms that Obama's visit will only create arguments:
@VanessaOrtiz@FGM91 @MexicanoHoy Esa visita de OBAMA por la Latinoamerica me trae sospecha, de seguro para crear conflicto contra MADURO.
@VanessaOrtiz@FGM91 @MexicanoHoy [Mexican Today] Obama's visit through Latin American makes me suspicious and will surely create conflict against Maduro [Venezuelan President].
Meanwhile, other Twitter users, like Politico Incorrecto [Incorrect Politics] (@El_incorrecto_) [es], come to Obama's defense:
@El_incorrecto_: Que fácil es echarle la culpa a Obama de todo los males de Latinoamérica. Que difícil es asumir responsabilidades y trabajar.
@El_incorrecto_: How easy it is to throw the blame on Obama for all the problems in Latin America. How difficult it is to assume responsibility and work.

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#YouTube says the battle with TV is already over. Read: #ca...
#YouTube says the battle with TV is already over. Read: #caribbeanbusiness

New president to lead University of Puerto Rico amid flurry of resignations - Calgary Herald

New president to lead University of Puerto Rico amid flurry of resignations
Calgary Herald
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - A new president has been appointed to oversee Puerto Rico's largest public university after several top officials resigned to protest a plan to reform the institution's board of directors. The new board of the University of ...

Puerto Rico Struggles With Contamination 10 Years After Activists ...
On the Puerto Rican island of Vieques, thousands are commemorating the 10th anniversary of when the U.S. Navy stopped using their home as a bombing range. Since the 1940s, the Navy used nearly three-quarters of the island for bombing practice, war ... Navy out in 2003,” says Robert Rabin of the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques. “This is a process that we believe is happening with no real supervision, no genuine community participation.”...

JUSTI BARRETO Y SU ORQ. PUERTO RICO ME ENCANTA cantantes: tito allen justi y rafael tejada From the album: APARECIO EL REY! ECHU RECORDS: 1986 http://locosonh...
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