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11:25 AM 3/20/2012 | Puerto Rico Daily Sun - Review

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Local News

PIP presents tax proposal

By John McPhaul

Special to the Daily Sun

Puerto Rico Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Juan Dalmau Rodríguez would raise corporate taxes from 4 percent to 10 percent, not to be reduced below 5 percent, and eliminate Puerto Rico’s sales tax to confront the island’s fiscal crisis, said Dalmau Monday.“The government of Puerto Rico finds itself immersed in a fiscal crisis which it will be hard to get out of in the foreseeable future unless drastic measures of an urgent nature are taken,” said Dalmau at a press conference in which the candidate presented the PIP plan.He said the plan to raise corporate taxes and eliminate the sales tax would have the net effect of broadening Puerto Rico’s... Read More


Sen. Bhatia wins primary, eyes new PDP majority
March 20, 2012


Puerto Rican student accepted to West Point
March 20, 2012


Fortuño heads trade mission to Panama
March 20, 2012


$103 million to boost small, midsize businesses
March 20, 2012


Assault complaint registered against Héctor O’Neill
March 20, 2012


Political parties happy with larger-than-expected primary turnout
March 20, 2012


Feds seize 6 kilos of cocaine
March 20, 2012


Baby left near father's corpse
March 20, 2012


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