The Superintendent of Police, James Tuller Cintron, said today that the officers involved in the arrest of lawyer Jaime Sifre Rodriguez, friend of Attorney General Luis Sánchez Betances, have their unconditional support. However, he refused to comment on the incident in which Sifre Rodriguez was arrested for drunk driving and using a cell phone because you are writing a report about it because "it would prejudge."
"What I know is that the police did the job properly, correct. I'm very happy that the Department of Police and agents who were in this case did the right thing. When they work and do their due work and am fully satisfied and properly support. Totally going to have the support, "said Tuller Cintron in a radio interview (NotiUno).
The Superintendent of Police indicated that, as requested by the Governor Alejandro García Padilla, his general counsel, the lawyer Roodríguez Xiomara Colon, is drafting a report on what happened on Friday night when the attorney attended the barracks Hato Rey where Sifre Rodriguez was arrested.
Despite the criticisms that have arisen against the Attorney General , since their presence could be considered a pressure against the officers not to file charges against his friend, the Superintendent of Police refused to comment on the details of the case and ruled publish recordings of the barracks where I could determine what really happened.
"All we are doing on this issue is going to work internally. If the question of approval, no, I will not allow (the publication of the video on Friday). The report will be that this is clear. And there are certain protocols that we have to have to meet with them to do this responsibly, "said the police chief.
Tuller confirmed that Sifre Rodriguez Cintron will have to go to court to defend your case. "This goes to the Court of San Juan for the filing of charges," he said.
The report will be filed with the Secretary of the Interior, Ingrid Vila.As it has not yet completed the investigation, the governor refused to comment on it in the morning. "Until I get all the data in this report would not comment further," the ruling during a press conference.