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Opinion: Smokescreen - Metro

Opinion: Smokescreen - Metro

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There is no better way to describe the finding of the Government of Puerto Rico after the issuance of $ 3,500 million in bonds on Tuesday That a mere smokescreen to divert attention from its Consequences and the Underlying Reasons for our economic and fiscal crisis. sense in That , the celebration is the equivalent of holding a family on the brink of bankruptcy makes party Because I was allowed to use your credit card for the last time, although Such purchases will pay a much higher interest.
Incredibly Celebrated as a great achievement That the broadcast was possible at interest rates ranging from 8% to 8.75%, ie, we take a loan to double what other jurisdictions do They are borrowing, but Celebrated. Unfortunately, the lack of capacity in the areas of finance and administration Brought us to this crossroads and the question is now what?
Given it is This Situation still devastating, That we reiterate in making the financial year, the administration in power Should follow the principles Pedro Pierluisi and PNP Outlined Legislative Conference. It has-been over a year since the leadership of the PNP made ​​its recommendations, but as the saying goes, "it's never too late if that is good." There are ten basic principles That Can be Implemented easily. Only this will require the Government to be successful.
First, the government must submit and pass a balanced budget Legislature That you reduce spending adjusting our financial reality, as had to make the vast majority of Puerto Rican families. On the other hand, vacancies May be frozen before the withdrawal of Thousands of public servants as a result of the adoption of the amendment to the Law of Civil Servants Retirement and replace only in cases where it is Those strictly Necessary.
Having Attended to Un certain way the tax case, the government of the day can not lose sight of the economic development of Puerto Rico Largely depends on the conditions exist for That small and medium businesses of our island. With this in mind, to approve a reform of our tax system to redistribute the load Between exempt and non-exempt corporations. Furthermore, It Should repeal national patent and enlarged the SUT, and Control Measures in Place by Which not only capture the SUT, but all taxes are current is Increased. Finally, beyond advertising,: such as "Star Island" should be Effectively Promoted to Puerto Rico as a destination for investment and Ensure That the Necessary conditions for the expansion of Those That Are Already Here businesses are created, thereby propelling the creating jobs.
At the end of the day, Tuesday's celebration does not change our colonial reality. There is Clearly a bad background That we need to address promptly. Beyond Addressing the tax issue and revive our economy, our duty to Achieve equality for all Puerto Ricans. The Consequences of colonial inequality are Largely the cause of the evils That today we meet. That is why we must continue to parallel the struggle for equal rights and privileges enjoyed by our fellow citizens in the states, ie, only fight for equality Brings statehood.
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Opinion: Fifteen hundred less - Metro

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The announcement of the García administration Padilla-targeting potential buyers of bonds, not the people of Puerto Rico, on a reduction of $ 1.500 billion in the next budget may bring solace to the vultures that feed on our debt, but predicts worst times for our country. The demagogic call for the adoption of a budget shrunk hides anticipatable result of such action: in a crisis situation like ours, with a battered private sector and, therefore, unfit to increase their input to the economy, the significant decline government investment will only exacerbate the economic slowdown. In fact, budget cuts depend, to be effective, an expansion of labor participation and revitalizing the market. Both factors are painfully absent from our reality.
The foreseeable consequences of the proposal are not encouraging: utilities already weakened by Act 7 of last term will suffer even more, and some see it as inevitable layoffs or reduced hours. If so, this new wave of unemployed can not find space in the private sector, so that they will become dependent on government assistance-also crippled by budget reductions. In fact, when talking about reducing payroll as the answer to all ills, the fact that in recent years the budget line has declined consistently ignores. In the current fiscal year payroll heading of the consolidated budget is $ 6768.3 million: a reduction of $ 1607.2 million compared to the same item in 2010. 
We are perhaps at the last expedited opportunity to give a more rational government initiatives scattered direction. The government waste has to be replaced by a "good" spending, orderly and sensible. Hiring external resources and advertising costs should be kept to a minimum. The tax base needs to be strengthened not by a new collection of patches to the Internal Revenue Code or special laws dealt festinadamente special treatment to privileged links in the economic chain, but through a comprehensive tax reform, accompanied by audit tools that tackle the scandalous tax evasion. All government-incentive tax privileges, grants, subsidies of all kinds must be subject to strict accountability process, and those who do not respond to a social purpose or not involving a fair reciprocal benefits to the treasury, must be eliminated. In the same way that the state of fiscal emergency has served to justify the dismissal of Act 7 and the dismantling of the retirement systems, should be the basis for revising the exemption decrees approved in dark rooms. Recruitment strategies by the structure of public-private partnerships need to be revised to make collaboration with private companies do not give in unequal conditions that we suffer today. The proposed long-term effect are at present under consideration (Land Use Plan, energy reform) should be based on a rational, consensual and collective interests as northern base.
Communication in the country has to flow in a frank and intelligible, leaving behind pink phrases and half-truths. And above all, determinations about the future of the country should be in the hands of capable people committed to public management. Without these changes-essential and urgent, there is no way to save what we have left, and in 1500 more or less will not make the difference that we desperately need.
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Sin complejo mesiánico García Padilla – Metro

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El gobernador Alejandro García Padilla aseguró hoy que él no se considera el salvador del país, sino que es el mismo pueblo puertorriqueño quien está saliendo de la crisis económica y social, confiando en sí mismo.
"Yo no tengo ningún complejo mesiánico. El país, confiando en sí mismo, está saliendo del hoyo", dijo el primer mandatario en entrevista con Las Noticias Univisión.
A preguntas sobre cómo se encuentra el país, tomando en cuenta los primeros seis meses de gestión, el gobernador afirmó que el desempleo se redujo de 15.2% a 13.4%, y que el crimen también ha bajado en todos los renglones.
"Hoy más sectores tienen derechos civiles que antes no tenían, los estudiantes no van a pagar ya más cuota, hay menos crimen, hay menos desempleo, le devolvimos la autonomía a la universidad, hemos protegido más recursos naturales que cualquier otro gobierno en la historia", desglosó el primer mandatario.
García Padilla mencionó a Las Noticias Univisión que sigue trabajando en los puntos medulares de su administración que son: la ventaja competitiva; la creación de un ecosistema más seguro; combatir el crimen; y la creación de empleos.
"Estamos echando esto para adelante. No me voy distraer con la politiquería chiquita, con los políticos que quieren ahora escalar en sus partidos. Ese tipo de cosas no me distraen. Yo estoy trabajando para la gente, y, poniendo la gente primero, se crean empleos y se combate el crimen", dijo García Padilla.
Por otro lado, se mostró satisfecho con el trabajo que está realizando tanto el superintendente de la Policía, Héctor Pesquera, como el secretario del Departamento de Asuntos al Consumidor (DACO), Lcdo. Nery Enoc Adames Soto.
Sobre el escaño vacante en la Cámara que deja el representante por acumulación Eduardo Ferrer, el primer ejecutivo dijo que la determinación de quién ocupará el cargo la tomará la Junta de Gobierno del PPD en los próximos días. Él estará haciendo sus recomendaciones de posibles candidatos. 

García Padilla travel to Spain

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Governor Alejandro García Padilla will travel back in early July, this time his destination is Spain. 
Metro Knew Then That runs THROUGHOUT the budget process and start the new tax year, García Padilla depart on an official trip to the motherland. ACCORDING to unofficial reports, the trip would be to the city of Madrid. The purpose of travel is unknown at the time, but it will be a delegation of government. 
The governor was recently in New York and Washington DC. In the first city I stayed in the same hotel as I did in the past Marimar Perez Riera, former president of the governing board of the Power Authority, and That cost him the job. Fortress That said did not pay the same rate as the exfuncionaria. In Addition, García Padilla Traveled to Brazil and Panama since taking office last January.

Governor Heads Uniting event binds

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As part of the event Uniting Cabezas , Governor Alejandro García Padilla head shaved today NotiUno programming director Alex Delgado.
The Governor was Accompanied an actor Braulio Castillo, Jr., comedian Raymond Arrieta, Alberto Lázaro, executive director of the Water and Sewer Authority (AAA) and some athletes in the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee (PROC).
This activity seeks to raise funds for the CAP Foundation.
We invite you to view the video below: