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www.digatree.com Call us at 215 651 8329 for trees and shrubs for privacy... El Yunque, National Forest, formerly known, as the Caribbean National Forest El Yunque, National Forest, formerly known, as the Caribbean National Forest digatree.com digatree.com digatree.com digatree.com...
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via Videos matching: puerto rico song by RockeraPsycho on 2/19/13
Harlem Shake at University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo - Classroom Edition Thanks to Zahilyn (www.youtube.com for holding the camera so great xD . And thanks to "el corillo del centro" for acting all crazy in the video lol Song: Harlem Shake by Baauer
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via Videos matching: puerto rico song by Zenyck Fonalledas on 2/18/13
Un grupo de amistades (estudiantes) de distintas universidades en el area Oeste se reunieron en un hospedaje a crear un Harlem Shake version Gay. Productor: Jerryson Hiran Fonalledas Camarografo: Wilmari Ortiz
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via Videos matching: puerto rico song by neo2009a on 2/24/13
Made in San German, Puerto Rico inside of the Arquelio Torres Coliseum's bathroom. Thanks to Charlee Way, Toli, Mackie, Landro, Chelo, Love Rodriguez, Drazen.... If I forget someone, let me know!! Director: Neo
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via Videos matching: puerto rico song by Armando Puertas on 2/18/13
Halem Shake en burger king de Puerto Rico
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via Videos matching: puerto rico song by Mrluckyboyx on 2/14/13
Enjoy! Harlem Shake Camuy, Puerto Rico . Representing Luis F. Crespo!!! Watch the Original video by Filthy Frank: www.youtube.com All song rights to Baauer - The harlem shake
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via Videos matching: puerto rico song by MequetrefePr on 2/25/13
This video is about Harlem Shake
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via Videos matching: puerto rico song by Letra Española on 3/2/13
Daddy Yankee and J alvarez are both from Puerto Rico. Some people in Puerto Rico pronounce the R as a L (Perdición becomes Peldición) Also The aspiration of the S is common( Prohibidos becomes Prohibido) (Nosotros becomes Nosotro) ETC. There is also a lot of slang used in songs (Estamos becomes 'tamos)
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via Videos matching: puerto rico song by Miguel Clar on 2/16/13
Harlem Shake filmed in Aguadilla, Puerto RIco Crash Boat Beach. Enjoy!
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via Videos matching: puerto rico politics by weshtv on 11/7/12
The United States could soon have 51 states.
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via Videos matching: puerto rico politics by Alun Hill on 11/6/12
Help us caption and translate this video on Amara.org: www.amara.org Citizens of Puerto Rico choose their mayor, congressmen and governors. If it were possible they would choose their president. But at least for now, voters cannot, as their leader is the US president. Some in the US island territory accept it, while some do not. Puerto Rico does not get a vote in the American presidential election, but it is now voting on whether to change its ties with the US. In Tuesday's referendum, voters are asked if they want to change the relationship with the United States. A second question gives them three options: become the 51st US state, independence, or "sovereign free association", which would give more autonomy than they have at present. Residents took to the streets to express their opinions ahead of the poll. "We want to be a part of the USA, so that we have equal rights", a supporter of the New Progressive Party told RT. "It's not that we want to acquire independence, we need it. We have been dependent on the USA for too long", a member of the Puerto Rican Independence Party said. This debate has been going on for 100 years, and finally they can have their say at the ballot box. Though Carlos Gallisá Bisbal, a lawyer and politician, does not believe the vote will solve anything. "This referendum is a pre-election game of the pro-government party against the weak rule of the parliament, which was supposed to make people come to the elections." In other words, citizens of <b>...</b>
From:Alun Hill
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via Videos matching: puerto rico politics by elmundosnoticias on 1/23/13
Zombie Island: Puerto Rico Drug Addiction Turning Resident Users Into Zombies On an island where the economy is manipulated by drugs, and hundreds of thousands of residents have consumed or are currently consuming addictive substances, it might not come as a surprise that Puerto Rico has been described as "the new front door of the war on drugs", or "the backdoor to America." The island's strategic localization, its multiple rich ports, in addition to its commonwealth political status and relationship to the United States, serve drug cartels from South America and the Caribbean, as the perfect trampoline to the mainland. But the drug doesn't just travel out of the island; it also stays inside affecting residents every year. Thousands of people wake up everyday to the reality of having to maintain an addiction, to some of the most dangerous substances. One of the island's most common drugs, mainly for being cheaper than others and producing a strong high effect, is Xylazine, better known as horse tranquilizer. This new medication, introduced in the early 2000 is primarily produced to be used by veterinarians as an anaesthetic for dental work or castration in horses. In humans, the powerful substance causes the mind to fade in and out of conscience and the body to bend to the ground even while standing on its feet. The effects last for a little less than six hours, leaving the addict with the need to roam the streets in a search for the next fix, many resorting to theft and <b>...</b>
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via Videos matching: puerto rico sports by Caliknows on 1/20/13
Bonus footage shooting for INNERSECTION 2013 Puerto Rico January 14-17th, 2013 featuring Leif Engstrom + Hector Joseph Santamaria Film/Edit: Calvin Knowlton www.spoiledworld.com Music : Lana Del Ray "Blue Jeans"
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via Videos matching: puerto rico sports by Moody Lomary on 2/14/13
News, The New York Time: In Puerto Rico, Roberto Sanchez Rivera makes his home like a spaceship with a amazing lights and audio effects system.
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via Videos matching: puerto rico sports by Neil VanGundy on 2/24/13
We enjoyed the dolphins showoff their moves during our journey between Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands in February of 2013.
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via Videos matching: puerto rico sports by Freddy Villamizar on 2/14/13
Los muchachos de la JVB en Peñuelas haciendo el harlem shake.
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via Videos matching: puerto rico sports by ASPWorldTour on 2/14/13
Cody Thompson Wins Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico. More at: live.ripcurl.com
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via Videos matching: puerto rico sports by Ripcurl on 1/21/13
Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico February 9-13 2013 ASP 4 Star Rated Event Watch live at ripcurl.com
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via Videos matching: puerto rico sports by Ripcurl on 2/9/13
Rounds 1 and 2 of competition today with an international field battling peaky one-to-three foot (1 metre) waves to earn their respective spots in the latter rounds. See more at live.ripcurl.com
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via Videos matching: ricky martin by wakeupscreaming on 12/14/12
This is my MashUp mix of Psy's Gangnam Style with Ricky Martin's Cup Of Life (Spanish: A Copa de la Vida). "Cup Of Life" is slower at around 120 bpm than Gangnam Style's 132bpm. "Cup Of Life" came out March 1998.
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via Videos matching: ricky martin by BarackObamadotcom on 10/15/12
Share this: OFA.BO Tweet this: OFA.BO Ricky Martin shares why he's standing with President Obama and what you can do to make sure he's re-elected for a second term. As Ricky shares: "As a parent, I'm especially thankful that the President is working to end bullying because no one should be afraid to walk down the street holding hands with the person they love."
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via Videos matching: ricky martin by KaraokeOnVEVO on 2/25/13
The hit Pop song Nobody Wants To Be Lonely - ITSO - Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera! Available now for download on www.KaraokeCloud.com
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via Videos matching: ricky martin by SariChile on 2/28/13
ENGLISH TRANSLATION BELLOW Ricky Martin conversa con Uvideos sobre sus próximos planes artísticos y su fundación. Gracias a @GeriwithaG por el link! TRANSLATION: The rumors about me being working in a new project are false. I'm going to start to work [in one] The beautiful part of this is that I have an empty canvas. I obviously like romantic sounds. I like ballads. ["Más y más" clip] We must always have the wonderful ballads and obviously keep the Latin [flavor] because I'm Latino and I like to play with the fusion that our culture has when it comes to music. We can play with so many [sounds]. Obviously the Afro-West Indian influence must be present. For over a decade I've been able to play with those rich sounds and I keep on searching... DO YOU PLAN TO GO BACK TO BROADWAY? I loved it; it was a lot of work. There are 8 shows a week. What I mean is that you need a lot of discipline. I didn't have a life. My life was my family and obviously being on stage. It made me grow a lot as an artist that discipline and being surrounded by people so talented, men, women and children who worked on that stage with me. I loved it and I would like to go back. HOW IS YOUR WARDROBE? Organized? It better be organize because if it isn't, the domino effect in my house can be catastrophic. WHAT PART OF YOUR BODY DO YOU LIKE THE MOST? My feet don't bother me much. And I have a big fetish with feet. I tell you "Hello, nice to meet you" and then I look at your feet. WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIVE <b>...</b>
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via Videos matching: puerto rico music by telenaice on 2/18/13
Telenaice does the Harlem Shake at a moving car in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Directed by: Luis R. Rosa Director of Photography: Oski Morales Editor: Orlando Rosado www.youtube.com Cast: Robeto Arzola, Oski Morales, Joshua Font, Fernando Toledo, Estefan Arzola, Andrés Ramírez and Georgie Natal FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com TWITTER: twitter.com ASK: ask.fm
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via Videos matching: puerto rico music by xbox360xman on 3/2/13
harlem shake music by baauer harlem shake puerto rican mash up edition ;) original harlem shake v13 patria la torres here www.youtube.com original catalina morales de flores harlem shake here: www.youtube.com original harlem shake xbox360avatar edition here: www.youtube.com
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via Videos matching: puerto rico song by warnermusiclatina on 2/12/13
© 2013 WMG" Tommy Torres - Sin Ti feat. Nelly Furtado [Official Behind the Scenes] Descarga "12 Historias" : glob.ly www.tommytorres.com https www.facebook.com www.youtube.com
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via Videos matching: puerto rico song by Selena Quintanilla on 9/21/12
Selena Ft. Carlos Santana - Ya No 2012 Music VIDEO Selena Con Carlos Santana - Ya No 2012 Music VIDEO SelenaVEVO In the fall of 2011, Chilean record producer Humberto Gatica came up with the idea of updating Selena's songs into duets in popular music genres. Unlike the Quintanilla family's Tejano-only artists, Gatica wanted a diverse group. Although 46 artists and eight producers showed interest in working on the project,[2] Gatica held a press conference with the Quintanilla family for their input. Abraham chose Selena Gomez to record "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" because of her live cover of the song during several of her concerts. Selena's sister and former drummer of Selena y Los Dinos, Suzette Quintanilla chose Samo from the Mexican band Camila,[9][10] Suzette said that she chose Samo because she is a huge fan of Camila. Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Don Omar, Mexican singer Christian Castro, Puerto Rican DJ mixer Juan Magan and the Carlos Santana band were chosen by EMI Latin. Other artists such as Cuban American rapper Pitbull,[11] Mexican singers Paulina Rubio, Thalía, and Colombian singer Carlos Vives, and Cuban singer Gloria Estefan[12] did not make the final cut for unknown reasons, while many other artists could not part take in the project due to conflicts in scheduling.[11] Recording sessions took place in ten different recording studios.[2] Recording sessions took place in Artco Recording Studios in Mexico, East West Recording Studios, in Los Angeles, California <b>...</b>
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via Videos matching: puerto rico song by Simon Dicastro on 1/3/13
Follow me On Twitter & Instagram @SimonDicastro Subscribe: www.facebook.com LIKE: www.facebook.com BOOKING: SimonDicastroBooking@Gmail.com DIRECTED & FILMED BY: @KAILMUSIC SONG MASTERED BY: JELFSTAR MASTERING Baeza on Instagram & Twitter @OfficialBaeza Baezabooking@gmail.com Nini Smalls Booking: temptationatl.com MUSIC VIDEOS www.facebook.com
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via Videos matching: puerto rico news by xXSlyFoxHoundXx on 1/22/13
Ill be making vlogs atleast once a day even tho im taking a vacation im still giving you some love :P
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via Videos matching: puerto rico by BlackStarFilm on 8/2/12
Black Star going to Culebra going on a little trip to have another Epic Day Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Music: "Galourni" - Fabian
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via Videos matching: puerto rico news today by SINAincorg on 2/27/13
On September 23, 2009 members of Hartford's Puerto Rican Community dedicated "El Monumento a la Familia Puertorriqueña", (Monument to the Puerto Rican Family). The ceremony recognizes and celebrates the contributions of Puerto Rico's migrant families to the United States of America. The event at the Learning Corridor in Hartford, where the monument now stands, at the corner of Vernon and Washington Streets comes at a significant time during Hispanic Heritage Month when a series of Latino anniversaries depicting liberty and independence occur including "El Grito De Lares" of 1868. The initial idea of the monument was brought to SINA and today the monument was given to people of the city of Hartford and the state of Connecticut by the internationally renowned Puerto Rican sculptor José Buscaglia-Guillermety.
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via Videos by John Goolsby on 2/26/13
www.GodfatherFilms.com Beautiful people in a beautiful location celebrating with a beautiful wedding ceremony. San Juan, Puerto Rico is the second oldest city in North America and is full of color and culture. The Ritz Carlton is the perfect venue for a beach front destination wedding. Thank you David and Jamie for letting me film your fabulous wedding and becoming great friends. We got to work with some terrific wedding professionals on this job. Mary Dann at MaryDann.com John and Sari at tropicalweddingspr.com Flowers + linens + rentals EOS Events www.eosevents.com Photography Joshua Kogan from Studio JLK www.studiojlk.com Cake www.dulcementeparati.com Venue Ritz Carlton San Juan www.ritzcarlton.com/en/Properties/SanJuan Wedding Movie www.GodfatherFilms.com
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via Videos by redlinkradio on 10/29/12
Mira todo lo que captaron las cámaras de Red Link Radio durante el super concierto de "La Formula" de Pina Records el pasado 19 de Octubre en Puerto Rico.
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via Videos matching: puerto rico music by Yoniwy1 on 12/29/12
Wisin & Yandel feat. Daddy Yankee - Hipnotízame (Live) @ Coliseo de Puerto Rico Follow us on: www.facebook.com twitter.com
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via Videos matching: puerto rico music by CHOCHAVISION on 1/19/13
A Sexy Puerto Rican Mami Dancing to a Classic House Track. Love Me or Love Me Not - By: Trilogy (Remixed to add new audio and improve quality)
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via Videos matching: puerto rico song by MVDmusicvideo on 10/11/11
A killer performance in Puerto Rico from March 6, 2004. - Experience the revolutionary multi-platinum artists of STRYPER, Live in Puerto Rico, on March 6, 2004. The band was originally formed in Orange County, California by brothers Michael and Robert Sweet and guitarist Oz Fox. STRYPER stands for Salvation Through Redemption Yielding Peace, Encouragement and Righteousness. The Isaiah 53:5 under their logo refers to the bible verse that states "by His stripes we are healed." The band earned their stripes on the Los Angeles metal club circuit and in 1984 and went on to sell millions of records worldwide. This DVD features all of their greatest hits and much more!
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via Videos matching: puerto rico news tv by DonnyWinter on 2/21/13
News article: rt.com My YouTube Facebook Page: www.facebook.com
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via Videos matching: puerto rico sports news by RinconSurfVideo on 7/15/11
Dogman's is a bitchin break if you can handle it!
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via Uploads by PBSNewsHour by PBSNewsHour on 3/3/13
Poet David Ferry reads "Soul," a poem from his book "Bewilderment." For more arts coverage, visit Art Beat: www.pbs.org
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via Videos matching: puerto rico by Startsingingnow on 3/3/13
Puerto Rican Spanish 10 ways to use the word carajo. There are many more. In this compilation we want to show the most common uses for the word carajo. We hope you like Gringo's accent, he has been working very hard.
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via Videos matching: puerto rico news this week by TheShittyNews on 10/3/12
A Philadelphia police officer, left, is show punching a woman during the Puerto Rican Day Parade, Sept. 30, 2012. The Philadelphia cop caught on video punching a woman in the face will be fired, according to ABC News' Philadelphia station WPVI. A video posted on YouTube shows Lt. Jonathan Josey punching a woman in the face and knocking her to the ground before she is led off bloodied and handcuffed. Earlier today, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office said it intends to drop the disorderly conduct charge against the woman who was hit. The woman was identified as Aida Gusman, 39, a mother of three and domestic worker, according to ABC News' Philadelphia station WPVI. She denied throwing anything at police and said she did not know why she was punched. "I'm 40 years old. I don't have time to play games like that," Gusman told WPVI earlier in the week. In addition to her facial injury, she has cuts and bruises on her arm and hand. The video was taken at Sunday's Puerto Rican Day Parade. The video shows a crowd of blue-shirted police officers standing in the middle of a street, around a car. Someone on the left appears to throw something resembling silly string or a liquid on the cops. An officer in a white shirt rushes out of the crowd and goes after a woman with long, dark hair and a black T-shirt. Her back is to the camera so it is unclear if she was saying anything to him. The officer appears to punch her in the face and then hit her in the back of the head. She <b>...</b>
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via Videos matching: puerto rico by JoeydeLeon on 10/14/12
Warning: Viewer discretion is advised, i have nothing against gay men, this is just a lame attempt at humor, sorry if i offend anyone. Danny trying to figure out why there's so many gay men in the Philippines and Puerto Rico compare to other countries. Puerto Rico Slowly Warms to More Gay Rights www.youtube.com Philippines is named "most emotional society" Trump Jr. wants US ship saved before Tubbataha Miss Universe 1st runner up Janine Tugonon Anne Curtis defends mom on Twitter
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via Videos matching: puerto rico by sweetsandbeyond on 3/2/13
Today's video is a classic Puerto Rican dish, picadillo. Picadillo is our version of chili without beans or sloppy Joe meat and is used as a main meal or as a filling for a lot of dishes like Pastelon de papa (Potato lasagna) empanadillas or empanadas and many others. I usually make a double batch of it, serve with *surprise* white rice; then save the rest for empanadillas (fried meat filled turnovers). Ingredients for the Picadillo: 2lbs ground beef ( I used 90% lean) 1 8oz can tomato sauce 1 envelope Ham seasoning 1 envelope Sazon Knorr Minced Garlic 3 tablespoons or 3 cubes sofrito Cumin and Oregano Olives with pimentos Fresh cilantro Like and share! Remember to subscribe! Any questions or comments? Leave them below and I promise to answer!
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via Videos by LikeFaceFood on 3/2/13
Man vs Food - Puerto Rico Man vs Food with Adam Richman
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via Videos matching: puerto rico by WesternPuertoRico on 3/3/13
RENT FURNISHED APARTMENTS IN WESTERN PUERTO RICO www.airbnb.com Spending a beautiful Sunday Afternoon with my nieces in Gozalandia, North of San Sebastian, are these hidden waterfalls .A must visit place when your in the area. It's very beautiful .. fun for the whole family. Learn more about places to visit in and near Western Puerto Rico Visit our Facebook Group HAVING FUN IN WESTERN PUERTO RICO www.facebook.com
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via Videos by neo2009a on 2/24/13
Made in San German, Puerto Rico inside of the Arquelio Torres Coliseum's bathroom. Thanks to Charlee Way, Toli, Mackie, Landro, Chelo, Love Rodriguez, Drazen.... If I forget someone, let me know!! Director: Neo
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via Videos by SLAPskateboardmag on 3/4/13
Keeping it G in PR. Video By Ryan Garshell. Featuring Yonnie Cruz, Jake Johnson, Al Davis, Jereme Knibbs, Jimmy Lannon, Abdias Rivera, Richie Zuczek, Brian Delatorre and Ben Gore.
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via Uploads by El Vocero de PR by El Vocero de PR on 3/3/13
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via Uploads by PBSNewsHour by PBSNewsHour on 3/4/13
Vice President Biden warned that the US will use military action to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Margaret Warner talks to Flynt Leverett, former National Security Council director, and former Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns about the state of diplomacy on Iran's nuclear activity.
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via Videos matching: puerto rico sports news by Push Culture on 3/1/13
DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT EVENT COVERAGE! Travis and Jenica took off and left the rest of the PCN team behind for a January skate-cation down to sunny Puerto Rico with a new camera and microphone. They started out in Quebradillas for the Guajataca race, then headed to Ponce and wrapped up in Guama having a blast with all the skate family. Check out all the highlights from their trip that were fit to publish! For more Longboard News: Subscribe to our Newsletter at eepurl.com Subscribe to our channel at www.PushCultureNews.com Follow us on Facebook at http Follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com For the best in Longboarding News - Stay up to date so we can keep you informed! www.PushCulture.com
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