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5:45 PM 4/4/2012 - Mike Nova's starred items

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5:45 PM 4/4/2012 - Mike Nova's starred items

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (International News Service) However, a new study suggests that the Earth is continuously orbited by one or two tiny moons because of their small size can not see with the naked eye, according to the Astronomical Society of the Caribbean (SAC .)
The conclusion is a study by an international team of astronomers from the University of Hawaii, the Paris Observatory and the University of Helsinki in Finland.
The findings reveal that at any given moment the Earth is orbited by one or two moons as small as one meter in diameter.
"Several of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn are small asteroids captured by the gravitational pull of their respective planets, and the same thing happened around the Earth, technically you can call them moons to these objects, said the SAC.
But the curious thing about the small moons have been detected around the Earth is orbiting the planet on a temporary basis.
Scientists explained that usually small asteroids orbit the Sun, could be attracted temporarily by orbiting the Earth and keep for a year, and then could return to its original orbit around the Sun
The findings are consistent with findings from NASA JPL Center in California, which state that small asteroids have been detected orbiting the Earth, acting as minilunas of our planet.
While in 2006, the University of Arizona found that the asteroid named 2006 RH120 remained orbiting the Earth for nearly a year, then continued orbiting the Sun
Although usually the minilunas are too small to avistarlas, the models suggest that every 100,000 years one miniluna the size of a stadium could orbit the Earth, and although would look like a star, this big would be visible to the naked eye.

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (International News Service) The mayor of San Juan, Jorge Santini, transient employees that lead time on the job should be to remain in the government, but also should be given priority reemployment officials who were dismissed of its duties under the Fiscal Emergency Law 7.
"I give reason to say I was laid off and would return to work. Must have priority, "said Santini.
The city official said it also agreed in the case of the House bill to make permanent temporary employees hired under the current administration of the Legislature.
"You have to give it (the permanence), I'm not against the project ... To the extent that can be given the opportunity to those who were laid off (that are using them). A transitional employee takes time should give permanence, I did, "said Santini.
He explained that "in San Juan the past four years had hundreds of employees and hundreds of irregular transient. Instead of firing, I cut the contract, all but a few that may not have the time and other requirements, appointed by (the exalcaldesa) Sila (Calderon) and my administration, all made permanent. "
Santini recalled that the capital offered two early retirement windows bond 5,000 to $ 10,000 and 75 percent of the pension due to them.
He said he hopes to make a new retirement window "that people go calmer, happier and better paid."

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Isabela, Puerto Rico (International News Service)
The attorney Calisto Gonzalez Lopez, 52, was released on bail of $ 4,000 levied by the judge of the Court of First Instance, Soraya Mendez, to determine cause for the crimes of fraud, misappropriation and falsification of public documents, reported Police today.
The lawyer Lopez Gonzalez, a resident of Isabela, was arrested on Tuesday afternoon pro agents CIC Property Unit of the Region of Aguadilla, for violation of Articles 218 (fraud), 224 (forgery of public documents) and 193 (appropriation illegal).
The facts against him dating back to last year when alleged falsified public documents and give a few scriptures terrero, located in the district of Isabela Capirro, marriage consists of Ezequiel Garcia Morales and Norma Rivera Ayala.
The agent and prosecutor Juan Edgardo Acevedo Velasquez took the test before Judge Mendez, who determined a cause for arrest and preliminary hearing set for April 23, after imposing a bail of 4,000 thousand dollars, which paid

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - The World Economic Forum ( World Economic Forum , for its acronym in English) today announced results for 11 vo Global Report on Information Technology 2012 ( Global Information Technology Report ).
The report (GITR, for its acronym in English) explains the existence of a digital divide between industrialized countries and the rest of the world's nations. The report higher positions are occupied by the Nordic countries and Western industrial powers. The 2012 edition emphasizes the existing environment of "hyper-connected" virtually instantly available at the individual and companies worldwide.
The GITR is the most comprehensive international assessment of the impact world of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in the process of development and global competitiveness covering 142 countries. The Network Readiness Index (" Network Readiness Index "- NRI, for its acronym in English) examines how prepared countries are to use ICT effectively on three dimensions: the business environment, regulatory and general infrastructure for ICT , the availability of the three key societal actors (individuals, companies and governments) to use and exploit ICT and actual use these technologies become available. The NRI, updated and re-structured, consisting of 53 indicators using international technical and economic data (53%) and results of the survey of managers (over 15,000 worldwide) Global Competitiveness Index (47%).
This year, Sweden (1) and Singapore (2) top ranks of the report by maximizing economic and social multiplier effect of information technologies to advance the competitive potential and innovative capacity of their countries. Denmark (4), Switzerland (5), Netherlands (6), Finland (7), the United States (8), Canada (9) and the United Kingdom (10) show a good performance in the top 10 of the report.
Barbados (35), Puerto Rico (36) and Chile (39) continues to lead Latin America and the Caribbean in the " rankings "of the Index Network Availability of the report, Panama, ranked No. 57, moving three positions while Brazil (65) down nine positions, but much of the region is behind in terms of international best practice use of ICT. China and India occupy positions 51 and 65, respectively.
The World Economic Forum (WEF, for its acronym in English) is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world through the incursion of leading companies to form global agendas, regional and industry. Established in 1971 as a foundation, based in Geneva, Switzerland, the WEF is a non-governmental organization, impartial and non-profit that does not respond to partisan political interests or national. The Forum is under the supervision of the Swiss Federal Government.
In the case of Puerto Rico, the report states that although the island enjoys a robust ICT infrastructure and indicates that the main driver of these technologies is the private sector, the public sector could have a more prominent role in catalyzing the sector as a purchaser of computer technologies and communications. Puerto Rico, which seeks to become a knowledge-driven economy can improve its innovation potential medium to long term by increasing the level of achievement in science and mathematics in the public education system to expand broadband coverage in several regions of the island to build an inclusive information society through the intense adoption of ICT as optimal basis for sustainable development, social welfare and economic growth.
The GITR is produced by the WEF in cooperation with INSEAD, one of the leading business schools internationally, as part of Competitive Networks WEF, the Industrial Partnership Program for information technology and telecommunications industry.
Founded in 1988, Puerto Rico 2000 is a nonprofit institution that seeks excellence and competitiveness of Puerto Rico worldwide. It is the Partner Institute of World Economic Forum (WEF, for its acronym in English).

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico Gov. Luis G. Fortuño, today expressed his deepest condolences to the widow and children of former Senate President Roberto Rexach Benitez, who died in the morning. It also declared five days of mourning, until Monday, April 9, and ordered flags of Puerto Rico and the United States be flown at half mast on public buildings.
"The people of Puerto Rico lost to the unfortunate death of former Senate President, one of its best minds. Were multiple generations that grew out of intelligence and knowledge of the teacher and principal in the classrooms of several campuses of the University of Puerto Rico. In Ada widow, children, relatives, students and friends, I express my deepest sympathy at this time. I feel privileged to his teachings and to have known him, "said the Governor.
Fortuño said that the commitment to public service Rexach Benitez moved into politics in 1972 when he accepted the nomination by the Popular Democratic Party at large for a seat in the House of Representatives. Later, he joined the New Progressive Party and in 1984 was elected Senator at Large, Speaker and Senate President finally from 1993 to 1996.
The Governor added that "Bobby, as we affectionately knew him, contributed significantly within and outside the public service, particularly on bills related to public education. On behalf of the Puerto Rican people, my family, and myself, thank you for your selfless surrender, dedication and work for the good of the education of our children and youth. In tribute to a long life he dedicated to serving his people, we express our gratitude and admiration, "he said.
"May he rest in peace Roberto Rexach Benitez," concluded the Governor.

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (International News Service) An impressive halo around the sun was visible in the afternoon from various parts of the island, said the Astronomical Society of the Caribbean (SAC).
This caught the phenomenon. / International News Service
The educational institution explained that as with the Moon, the halos are an optical effect due to light passes through a thin layer of clouds.
Due to the great height of some layers of clouds, they contain tiny ice crystals that refract light causing the curious optical effect.
The SAC said it is likely to occur more sightings of the phenomenon due to the presence of high clouds.
The image of the solar halo was spotted this afternoon by Eddie Irizarry from Mayaguez.

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March 4, 2009. This is the first image in the series "The Land of Bad Things." I made it in a time of transition when I started to turn away from the moving picture to digital illustration. All photos taken from various Facebook friends and "captions" are titles of different comic book stories selected at random. Do not really know what was the point of all.

BBC News

London 2012 Olympics: Puerto Rico team to train in Kent
BBC News
Up to 40 Competitors from Puerto Rico are to train in Kent in the run-up to the London 2012 Games. The U.S. Caribbean Territory is the 11th Olympic team to confirm it will based athletes in the county ahead of the Olympics in July and August.
Blair, Clayton Olympic boxing start run
Olympic teams to train at Canterbury This is Kent

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