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Puerto Rico Daily Sun - Review: 7/14/12 - 7/27/12

Puerto Rico Daily Sun - Review: 7/14/12 - 7/27/12

By Nindi Méndez PagánNotiCel.comGov. Fortuño defended, though in different words, that strict rules should not be an obstacle to obtain justice. As follows from the Governor’s Friday statements, the justice system should be flexible enough to attain justice above other considerations, such as the right of bail, that in spite of serving as a guarantee to the presumption of innocence, delays judiciary processes thus lengthening victims’ suffering.“The criminal justice system is there to obtain justice, not to follow strict rules withing a square mode, not being flexible enough to do justice. The reason of being of the criminal justice system is to secure that justice is done.... Read More

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The Daily Sun staffWashington, DC The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services awarded over $2 million in federal funding for the Aids Drug Assistance Program on the Island, announced today Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi.“AIDS is an epidemic and these funds are critical to helping thousands of HIV/AIDS patients improve their health and quality of life, and access the medication they need. Every patient deserves the right medication and nobody wants to be on a waiting list. These funds help the local program enroll and serve more patients who are currently on the waiting list,” said Pierluisi.The Puerto Rico Department of Health will use the funds to provide... Read More

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By Stefan AntonmatteiOf the Daily Sun staffsantonmattei@prdailysun.netHonoring the life of a 15-year old girl who was killed by a yet unknown criminal is full of irony, melancholy, and disbelief. Trying to explain a purpose, divine or other, behind such tragedy adds to the incomprehension.Karla Michelle Negrón Vélez was struck by a stray bullet in the back of her head on New Year’s Eve 2012. She spent 13 days in the intensive care unit of the Medical Center before dying as a consequence of the bullet. On Wednesday, San Juan Mayor Jorge Santini Padilla named the street and nearby park where Karla lived on Fajardo Street in Villa Palmeras, Santurce, the Karla Michelle Street and Park....

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By Manuel Ernesto RiveraNotiCelTwo agents of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) arrived to the Institute of Forensic Science (ICF by its Spanish acronym) to interview family members of the pilot Francisco Bacó, who died Wednesday after his airplane crashed into San Juan Bay, some 1,500 feet short of the airstrip of the Isla Grande airport.The FAA agent Dennis Ortiz said that the agents brought to the ICF medical equipment to take from the cadaver toxicological samples which will be sent to the laboratories in the United States as part of the federal investigation into the fatal accident.“What we brought here are toxicological tests that that will be investigated in there. They are...

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Battling for Future Space Shuttle Program: Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico
Fox News
Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico are each offering millions of dollars-worth of incentives to attract Space X. Space Florida is even putting on the table world-famous launch pad 39A, from where the shuttles so often blasted off into space. "Right now ...

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