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"The issue of the political status of Puerto Rico has been sitting in the backroom of the American political system since the beginning of the 20th century" - Granting 'statehood' for immigrants: We want the same for Puerto Rico - The Hill (blog)

Granting 'statehood' for immigrants: We want the same for Puerto Rico - The Hill (blog)

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New York Daily News

Granting 'statehood' for immigrants: We want the same for Puerto Rico
The Hill (blog)
The issue of the political status of the United States territory of Puerto Rico has been sitting in the backroom of the American political system since the beginning of the 20th century. For too long, lawmakers from both national political parties have ...
Who Will Remake Puerto Rico for the 21st-Century Social Economy?Forbes

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Book Review: Puerto Rican Independentista Oscar López Rivera's 32 Years of ... - Upside Down World

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Book Review: Puerto Rican Independentista Oscar López Rivera's 32 Years of ...
Upside Down World
Similar pardons granted by President Truman in 1952, President Carter in 1979, and President Clinton in 1999, were the legal bases for the release of many other Puerto Rican politicalprisoners. Since all .... “In 1980, eleven men and women were ...

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Puerto Rican Lawyer speaks at the UN Decolonisation Committee seminar - MercoPress

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News & Observer

Puerto Rican Lawyer speaks at the UN Decolonisation Committee seminar
Reveron, who favours independence and is an expert on the political case of Puerto Rico at the UN, said the President Barack Obama's response to a local plebiscite held on November 6 confirms that this “was another exercise in futility for the people ...
Puerto Rico Asks Obama to Release Political Prisoner Lopez RiveraPrensa Latina

Puerto Ricans urge release of nationalist prisonerNews & Observer

Book Review: Puerto Rican Independentista Oscar López Rivera's 32 Years of ...Upside Down World 

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 Puerto Ricans urge release of nationalist

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Puerto Rican Legislature Approves Resolution on ... - PRFAA

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... 2012, Puerto Rico held a plebiscite simultaneously with the general elections, the results of which were not conclusive because none of the proposed political status proposals for Puerto Rico won a majority of the votes.

Governor of Puerto Rico endorses President Obama's - PRFAA

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24 informs President Obama and Congress that in the first question of the plebiscite held on November 6, 2012, which asked voters whether or not Puerto Rico should maintain its current form of political
status, 53.9% voted ...

Puerto Rico Statehood status in WSJ… | NewYoricanGirl...surviving ... 

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“I see no reason why Congress would even consider it,” said Charles Venator-Santiago, a political-science professor at the University of Connecticut who has studied Puerto Rico extensively. Backers of the bill say the current ...
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Opinion: For Puerto Rico to ever progress, the politics of status must ... 

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Opinion: For Puerto Rico to ever progress, the politics of status must disappear. by Julio Ricardo Varela Follow @NBCLatino. 5:00 am on 05/22/2013. Imagine if President Obama and Vice President Biden were publicly disagreeing every day ...

Pierluisi Sets the Record Straight on Puerto Rico Plebiscite | Puerto ... 

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6, 2012 [plebiscite] are inconclusive — none of the options for Puerto Rico's political status received a majority of votes.” The governor's claim that no option received a majority of votes is categorically false. As a White House ...

Senate Panel to Review Plebiscite | Puerto Rico Report

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Senate Panel to Review Plebiscite. Posted on May 24, 2013. The U.S. Senate committee responsible for the status of the U.S.' territories will hold a hearing June 11th on Puerto Rico's political statusplebiscite last November. The hearing will ...

51 in Congress Propose 51st State | Puerto Rico Report

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One-third of the sponsors are from Florida, one of the most pivotal States in national elections and aState where the vote of citizens of Puerto Rican origin can swing elections between the nationalpolitical parties. Polling ...

Puerto Rico Rejects Its Colonial Status | Puerto Rico Report

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The Hill's Congress Blog has a new article, Puerto Rico rejects its present colonial status; wants statehood in which authors José M. Saldana DMD, MPH and Norman Maldonado MD, MACP review the results of the November, 2012, plebescite: ... clear and were ratified by the White House,” they say, ” we would endorse the president's call for another Plebiscite under federal auspices… so that the results cannot be disputed by any of the political parties on the island.” ...

Puerto Ricans Stage Symbolic Jailing in San Juan to Free Oscar ... 

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Oscar was one of 12 Puerto Rican political prisoners offered some form of leniency by the Clinton Administration in the fall of 1999. According to the Chicago Sun Times, he “declined the president's offer, which still would have ...

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