Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Washington Post on Puerto Rico

Washington Post on Puerto Rico


    Small plane crashes in Puerto Rico; 2 bodies found

    A small cargo plane crashed near Puerto Rico's northern coast, killing the two U.S. citizens who were aboard, officials said Tuesday.
    Associated Press,  AP   DEC 3

    Puerto Rico's multiple troubles

    Puerto Rico's debt load is bigger than that of any state except California and New York, and it dwarfs Detroit's debt at the time of that city's bankruptcy filing.
    The Washington Post   NOV 30
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    Puerto Rico in crisis

    Burdened by high unemployment, a shrinking population and overwhelming debt, the small island is struggling.
    The Washington Post   NOV 30
  4. Puerto Ricans honor Paul Walker, cause chaos

    Puerto Rico police have issued more than 100 tickets to drivers who organized a caravan to honor "Fast & Furious" actor Paul Walker and created massive traffic jams across the island's capital.
    Associated Press,  AP   5:18 PM ET
  5. Mel Franklin elected Prince George's County council chairman

    William A. Campos (D-Hyattsville) elected first Latino to be the council's vice chair.
    Luz Lazo,  The Washington Post   DEC 3
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    'Parrots Over Puerto Rico,' by Susan L. Roth, Cindy Trumbore and Susan L. Roth

    With gorgeous collages, this book describes the near extinction and recovery of Puerto Rico's parrots.
    — Abby McGanney Nolan and Abby McGanney Nolan,  The Washington Post   DEC 3
  7. Puerto Rico to debate daylight saving time plan

    Legislators in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico are expected to debate a proposal that would create a daylight saving time like the one imposed in the U.S. mainland.
    Associated Press,  AP   NOV 30
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    Hard-core 'Star Wars' fans dress up and troop around Washington to promote sci-fi museum

    From a galaxy far, far away, costumed "Star Wars" reenactors emerge to tout sci-fi museum.
    John Kelly,  The Washington Post   DEC 1
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    Puerto Rico, with at least $70 billion in debt, confronts a rising economic misery

    Island residents stream to the U.S. mainland to escape a nearly 8-year recession and high unemployment.
    Michael A. Fletcher,  The Washington Post   NOV 30

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