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Cierran filas en el oeste con movimiento para liberar a Oscar López via Primera Hora : Noticias on 5/29/13

via Primera Hora : Noticias on 5/29/13
“A partir de ese momento han estado encarcelándose personas y han llegado más de las que esperábamos”, acotó el licenciado Federico Comas Montalvo

Close ranks in west movement to free Oscar Lopez

By Joan Rodriguez Daileen05/29/2013 | 24:29

The Catholic priest Edgardo Acosta father locked himself in solidarity with Lopez. (GFR Media / Olimpo Ramos) 

"Since that time people have been being imprisoned and have come more than we expected," said the lawyer Federico Montalvo Comas,

Mayagüez-day activities of the symbolic incarceration by the release of Oscar López Rivera began last night at the Plaza de Colón in this county with an ecumenical and bomba and plena music.
The head of the organizing committee of the activity in Mayaguez 32 x Oscar Comas Federico Montalvo, gave a presentation in which he highlighted the conditions under which is the political prisoner, followed by the reading of a letter from the artist Antonio Martorell, with occasion of the activity.
At 12:01 am on Wednesday began symbolic incarceration Oscar's sister, Mercedes López Rivera.
 "Since that time people have been being imprisoned and have come more than we expected," said the lawyer Comas Montalvo.
Among those who said, include former gubernatorial candidate for the Puerto Rican Independence Party, Edwin Irizarry Mora, the national exatleta, Wilfredo Maisonave, the mayor of Hormigueros, Pedro Garcia, Marta Bras Vilella, wife of the late nationalist leader Juan Mari Bras , the trader David Rivera, Edwin Morales, coordinator of the PPT in Mayagüez, and Father Angel, among others.
Earlier this week the coordinator had in symbolic incarcerations list about 70 people.
"To these have been added like 25 people and we're giving them a few minutes to have a chance," he said, indicating that the symbolic incarceration will run until midnight on Wednesday will be arriving the solidarity with the cause for the release of Oscar .
Today marks 32 years that Lopez was imprisoned for the crime of seditious conspiracy.
 "The case of Oscar is one violated civil rights, and we understand that 32 years is too long for the crime he is accused," said Comas Montalvo.
"Oscar is serving a sentence of 70 years in prison, and last year was presented for the first time before the Parole Board, but the FBI opposed his release on the grounds that he was related to crimes he has never been defendant, "Comas said Montalvo.
This assessment on the Parole Board will be repeated for Oscar in 15 years, but now the prisoner is 70 years old and is in poor health, so that parts of the country, outside of party lines, necessary understand his release and request through this activity the Barack Obama presidential pardon.
 After a broad movement, in 1999 President Bill Clinton released a group of political prisoners, but Lopez was imposed a series of special conditions understood that was one of the leaders of the organization. By then it was considered that would several years after the rest of his teammates.
 Comas Montalvo said that Lopez was not released because he refused to ask forgiveness for their crimes as you want to understand now. "Oscar stated that there were some fellow prisoners and that failure to accept such conditions. That is the reason why he did not come out at that time, "he said. 

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