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    The fact that the 44 wind turbines located in Santa Isabel are off for security checks, and that his departure from power generation scenario has no effect on it, requires that we rethink the criteria for the promotion of renewable energy projects, more "friendly" they can be for the environment.


    I read that the 44 turbine windfarm "Finca de Viento Santa Isabel" in the village of the same name, have been arrested for mysterious reasons. A spokesman for the company that oper

    The dream jailed

    A cell set in a public place is an unusual setting. A continuous row of people occupying that cell for twenty-four hours straight is a memorable event.

    People gray

    Norma Borges
    It all depends on the eye of the beholder. Never better said about the Aguacerito that fell up to our Bronx diva, JLo, this past week in London. Pa

    The streets of Park and St. George, are areas where there are a lot of children and pedestrians. Both streets have no speeders and motorists do not respect the school zone warnings and hospital area.
    I wonder which department should I write to request that, at least, installing two speed bumps at each of these streets. Already several fatalities have occurred with pets, should we expect to happen further tragedy to take action?
    I would also request that Antonsanti Street, between Park Street and Calle de Diego, to become, at once and for all, on a street in both directions. All you have to do is to prohibit the parking of automobiles (the middle of the street is used in both directions). Who should I apply?
    Maria B. Vazquez
    San Juan
    There is a dangerous cycle in our country at the expense of untouchable power of those running a microphone or a newspaper column. These and these common criticism professionals almost never appreciate the virtues of individuals and groups who constantly throw their poison darts.
    They seem to have the solutions to all social, political and even religious, demanding and mercilessly attacking because apparently "their truth" matching "the truth" from elsewhere in the world, where everything goes swimmingly, contrary to Puerto Rico whose Christian values ​​are no longer valid. For these people with microphone in hand and columns in the newspaper, we in Borinquen, we are a minority backward attitudes and beliefs.
    You can have lots and excellent education in law, journalism and literature. I congratulate you on this, but education is forgotten and that has to do with the soul, which generates no college degree in any country in the world can not be bought with arrogance nor provocation or offense. The education of the soul, which we learn and live in the country, which abounds in respect, love, decency and solidarity has been thrown into contempt.
    Education contains civility, sensitivity, values ​​and courtesy. So they are trained to communicate the country for microphone or in writing.
    Ivan Rivera July
    San Juan

    The correct expression is the best dressed people (not the people best dressed).
    A government should consider the monopoly of violence by the police is a relative concept given the inability of any force to ensure security for all.
    For this reason, instead of arming the general population, should provide less or no weapons lethality but to neutralize the aggressor, with an effective training alone who suffer from imminent danger.
    The technology and science provide opportunities for defense and the clear need to kill to defend themselves, to be made available to any citizen who needs at a specific time.
    The real problem would be the cost of these instruments defensive staff, but that society in its constitutional duty to provide even temporarily and free, not to turn this into another extreme defensive solution privilege of the wealthy. Many murders are part of the cluster of deaths announced that receivers leave a look of helplessness news and on the street a brood of surviving infants who collect an unhealthy legacy of hatred.
    No punitive justice concept, because nothing is then expected that for fear of further punishment as a crazed suicidal subject stop committing his crime.
    The defense is a natural right, not a social prerogative, which should not have limitations or gender or class.
    Ruben Dario Alomía

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