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The Police Superintendent James Tuller Cintron said this morning that he does not plan to resign

Cintron Tuller: It was not easy collecting documents for confirmation

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Además aseguró que no planifica renunciar al cargo como ha trascendido públicamente y que tampoco tiene problemas con la secretaria de la gobernación, Ingrid Vila.

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By Javier Dávila Colón javier.colon @ gfrmedia.com02/24/2014 | 24:04

The police chief predicted that in about three weeks should have all the documentation ready. (Tonito.zayas @ 

Also said he does not plan to resign as he has publicly transcended and has no problems with the secretary of the government, Ingrid Vila.

The nominee Police Superintendent James Tuller Cintron said this morning that does not plan to resign as publicly transcended and not have problems with the government secretary, Ingrid Vila, chief liaison with Fortaleza.
"Of course I'll stay. It is clear," proclaimed Tuller Cintron in a press conference in the headquarters that became engrossed in heated exchanges with several of the journalists present.
Asked about how the process of gathering documents required by the Senate for confirmation, Tuller Cintron acknowledged that the process was more complicated than expected. He even attributed his difficulty in getting documents like spreadsheets and certificates of good conduct to the resignation from his post in New York came into force on 30 November and the next day was already laboring in Puerto Rico.

The nominated superintendent of police said this morning that does not plan to resign the office as publicly transcended.

"There are many formalities ... personal things, things I need to deliver to the Senate. Gotta get those things. Me has not been easy some of the things to deliver," said Tuller Cintron.
"I came here too light. Had I stayed (in New York) to (meet) some personal things I need for the Senate would have been easier to get," he said noting that his wife, who is in New York, the is ayuando in the proceedings.
The police chief predicted that in about three weeks should have all the documentation ready.
When asked if you have had difference Vila, Tuller Cintron was blunt: "Not true Clearly not true.".
When you are stressed, abounded: "I find it hard to think of the differences we've talked I do not understand why the question..."
In fact, this media asked him if has had trouble with politicians, including senators who are called to evaluate their appointment.
"Everything went very well ... I have confidence that this confirmacón result for me," he said.
Tuller Cintron looked haggard repeatedly in his meeting with reporters. For example, was upset when a reporter questioned whether he was investigated by an apparent pattern file while air traffic was head of the NYPD.
 "There was an investigation with me," replied the reporter, pointing the finger and questioned him if he understood well the question I asked.
Then Tuller Cintron acknowledged to be investigated for allegedly filed a traffic ticket to a relative."But there was no ticket I filed," he said.
Tuller Cintron was altered again with another journalist who asked him if he also filed a ticket transit to then candidate for mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio.
"I know what you mean," he snapped. "If I had I would have filed a ticket dismissed from the police," he added.
The appointed superintendent also got angry when asked if he was willing to stoop the $ 195,000 annual salary as part of austerity measures intended to implement the government.
"I entered into an agreement with my salary.'m Going to keep working. Already I answered the question. Salary is an agreement that I got," he said.
 After much insistence, he added that not discuss his salary at the press conference.

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