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Tipejas y Mamabichos, que problema? Where is the beef?

La La La MORDAZA – Learning Spanish: Tipejas y Mamabichos, que problema? Where is the beef? - 2:55 AM 8/1/2019

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2:55 AM 8/1/2019 – Learning Spanish:  Tipejas y Mamabichos, que problema? Where is the beef?!
2:55 AM 8/1/2019 – M.N.: Hey you, “TIPEJAS” and “MAMABICHOS“, que problema? 

Where is the beef? 

What is wrong with these words? 

Why do you want to put another, new “MORDAZA” on the great Spanish Language? 

Language and verbal expressions are not the problem, it is quite stupid to try to police the Language. 

The problem is the stultifying and stupefying POLITICAL CORRECTNESS which kills everything that still is alive. 

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In Puerto Rico when you are using the term literally:
mama = suck
Bicho = dick
When you are using the word in the middle of a discussion, or when referring to another person as a mamabicho not in a literal way,

the word is used as an insult towards someone that is corrupted, selfish, liar, politician, thief.

“hypocrite, crazy, buscona, climber and self-conscious”
mama = suck
bicho = insect or (dick)
you fucking cocksucker, or
si lee esto eres un mama bicho
by Pedro Berdasco November 04, 2004
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