Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pierluisi pide a los ciudadanos “coauspiciar” su legislación

Pierluisi pide a los ciudadanos “coauspiciar” su legislación - 6/5/2013

June 5, 2013

Pierluisi asks citizens "co-sponsor" legislation

Apply using a tool on the portal cyber Republican majority leader

The project Pedro Pierluisi HR 2000 is cosponsored by 53 members of the House.(Archive)
WASHINGTON - While trying to increase the number of Republicans COSPONSORING, Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi, today urged citizens to go to a portal cyber Republican majority leader of the House federal, Eric Cantor (Virginia), to support your project statehood.
Until today, HR 2000 the Commissioner Pierluisi has co-sponsored by 53 members of the lower house, but only seven of them are members of the Republican majority.
Pierluisi, president of the New Progressive Party (PNP), said the e-mail address of the page established by Congressman Cantor is  and support the HR2000 can be done in this one, http://cosponsor. gov/details/hr2000-113 .
"The bill I introduced in Congress has won the backing of nearly 60 national members of both parties, was backed by virtually all mayors belonging to the Federation of Mayors and has been endorsed by prestigious organizations such as LULAC, local chapter, and the Young Democrats. Now citizens have a tool to demonstrate the support that I have expressed in the street, "Resident Commissioner Pierluisi said in a written statement.
The Energy and Resources Committee Naturlaes U.S. Senate has scheduled a public hearing on Tuesday about the results of the local plebiscite in Puerto Rico last November, after which the PNP has called on Congress an admission process of the Island as 51 U.S. state.

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