Thursday, June 6, 2013

PR at center in rise of ‘surfonomics’ By : KEVIN MEAD

PR at center in rise of ‘surfonomics’


Puerto Rico’s world-class waves, and a trailblazing effort to protect them, served as the launching pad for efforts to put an economic value on surf breaks as surfing has grown into a multibillion global industry, according to Fortune magazine.
The venerable business publication is diving into the issue of surfonomics, tracing the swell of efforts by economists to measure the impact of surfing back more than a decade to Puerto Rico.
Surfing has shed its counterculture roots and has grown into a mainstream sport practiced on virtually every coastline with waves around the world. In Puerto Rico, officials are ramping up efforts to cash in on the island’s consistent swells and varied breaks that offer something for everyone from beginners to the world’s top-ranked touring pros.

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