Thursday, June 6, 2013

Prosecutors Still Looking for Clues

Prosecutors Still Looking for Clues in Mass Kidnapping in Mexico

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Prosecutors are still trying to determine how the young people who disappeared from a Mexico City bar last week left the establishment, Federal District Attorney Rodolfo Rios said.

Venezuela Expels U.S. Filmmaker Accused of Espionage

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The Venezuelan government on Wednesday expelled a U.S. independent filmmaker who was arrested in April and accused of training Venezuelan students in how to stage acts of violence.

Researchers Find New Fish 1000 Feet Below Caribbean - RedOrbit

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Researchers Find New Fish 1000 Feet Below Caribbean
To collect samples, the researchers steered the Curasub 980 feet below the surface off the coast of Curaçao in the southern Caribbean. There they collected targeted and non-targeted fish specimens using the sub's two flexible, hydraulic arms. One of ...
Haptoclinus Dropi: New Fish Species Discovered In Southern CaribbeanScience 2.0

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5 Jun, at 3:18 pm

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Biden: The Americas Ascendant

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U.S. Vice President Joe Biden says that the spread of free trade and democracy has been a boon to the hemisphere.

84-Year-Old Woman Wins Largest-Ever U.S. Lottery Prize

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The winner of the largest lottery prize ever awarded to a single person in the United States is a 84-year-old Florida woman, who on Wednesday showed up to cash in her Powerball ticket and collected some $370.8 million, before taxes.
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VenEconomy: Venezuela Exposed to International Mockery

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It is getting more public and notorious the fact that Venezuela in the hands of the communist revolution has turned its back on international justice as it has become today the only country not complying with the mandatory rulings from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CIDH) headquartered in San José, Costa Rica.

U.S., Venezuela to Pursue “More Positive” Relations [Flickr]

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U.S., Venezuela to Pursue “More Positive” Relations
Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that they agreed “that we would like to see our countries find a new way forward” at talks on the sidelines of the OAS Summit in Guatemala.

The Pebble Beach Of The Caribbean? Puerto Rico's Great New Golf Resort - Forbes

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The Pebble Beach Of The Caribbean? Puerto Rico's Great New Golf Resort
The rest of the resort includes a golf pro shop, circular outdoor bar with commanding views of the course and Caribbean, tennis court, and the main building, La Casa, which includes the charming restaurant specializing in upscale Puerto Rican cuisine ...

American human rights advocate seeks IACHR seat to push Caribbean interest - Jamaica Observer

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American human rights advocate seeks IACHR seat to push Caribbean interest
Jamaica Observer
PEOPLE who know Professor James Cavallaro are not surprised that he's a candidate for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR). After all, Cavallaro, an American, has spent all of his adult life as a human rights advocate — from his days ...

Apresan PR haitianos llegan de RD -

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SAN JUAN , Puerto Rico.- Las autoridades federales y la Policía detuvieron esta madrugada a más de medio centenar de indocumentados, en su mayoría haitianos que desembarcaron en el islote Desecheo, en el suroeste ...

Who is Benicio Del Toro Playing in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’?

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It was announced this week that Oscar winner Benicio del Toro was cast in Guardians of the Galaxy.Marvel wasn’t forthcoming on who he would be playing, but it is said Del Toro’s character would appear in other MCU films.
It was speculated that Del Toro would be playing Thanos, who was teased at the end of The Avengers, but now we’re hearing something different.
The guys over at Comic Book Movie have heard form a reliable source that Del Toro will be playing Taneleer Tivan, The Collector.
Here’s a little on The Collector, courtesy of Marvel:
Taneleer Tivan is one of the eldest living beings of the Universe. His species at Cygnus X-1 was one of the first to evolve after the Big Bang. Death took Tivan as the last surviving representative of the species and gave him total immortality – Tivan, as well as one representative of each of the first species of the Universe, cannot die. These people have associated among themselves to create the Elders of the Universe. As they are relatively few, they call each other “brother”.
Tivan spent his first millenia of existence with his wife Matani and daughter Carina in a planet he chose as HQ. Carina eventually reached maturity and left them. After this, Matani died because of mysterious causes. Tivan, who had thought that Matani was as immortal as him, could not resist it.
He eventually understood that a factor in an Elder’s immortality was the will to live, and that Matani had lost hers. Tivan then decided he would not suffer the same fate, and looked for a goal to dedicate his life.
Tivan then had a vision seeing powerful things that would rise, determined to destroy the universe. He decided to avoid this from happening and that he would dedicate his life to collect artifacts and living beings throughout the universe to place them out of danger. Then, after the destruction of the universe, he could re-populate it and bequeath the knowledge and cultures from past. He built a great spaceship and began his work, stopping in every world to get a sample of its greatest achievements, as well as living representatives of each of their life forms.
That’s the just the basics. To read about Tivan’s connection to Thanos head over to Marvel.
Guardians of the Galaxy hits theatres August 1, 2014.
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