Saturday, June 1, 2013

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Caribbean Summit logra junte histórico en el Caribe

Gobiernos, grupos ambientalistas y empresas se ponen de acuerdo para proteger los recursos naturales

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Unidos para proteger el medio ambiente del Caribe

El Caribbean Summit unió esfuerzos de gobiernos, grupos ambientalistas y empresas para trabajar el tema de los recursos naturales

Carmen Yulín explica las renuncias en la alcaldía de la capital

La alcaldesa asegura que la faena diaria de la administración de San Juan "no es para mucha gente"

Carmen Yulin reason for the resignation as mayor of the capital

The mayor says the daily work of the administration of San Juan "is not for many people"

The mayor of San Juan justified low as mayor of San Juan to say that the administrative task "is not for many people." (Archive)
By Gloria Ruiz Kuilan /
Upon the resignation of at least three members of his team, the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, said yesterday that low due to the daily work of the capital's administration "is not for many people."
In less than six months of administration, Cruz had last Friday's resignation of finance director, Francisco Medina, the director of Human Resources, Belkin Nieves Gonzalez and the director of the educational system of San Juan, Sara Santiago, whose outputs are materialized yesterday Friday.
The first casualty in the team was Maru Cruz Quintero. However, it transpired that he resigned to take charge of the press office of the Government Development Bank, a position he holds to date. It also emerged that the Police Commissioner, Calixto Rodriguez, resigned.  
But the mayor said that Rodriguez resigned, because he wanted to benefit from the removal of the Uniformed and after given a miscalculation of benefits-based reform that was done to the Retirement System and that takes effect in July, decided to leave without effect his resignation and stay working in San Juan.
"He continues to work," said Cruz.
He praised the work of Medina caliber, Nieves González and Santiago. But he said that although "are excellent individuals have decided that this is not for them."
"This job is not for many people. The first six months are set, that the vision which we got engaged during the campaign and there are people who come here after they realize the great personal sacrifice to do here .'m very grateful that they have given of their time to the autonomous municipality of San Juan, "said the mayor.
"These jobs are not for everyone.'m The same person and can not stand the medirocridad and I will not ever tolerate," he added.
Asked what he meant by his expression, he replied that "the conditions in working directors, this town has some archaic systems which comes from private or public corporation are accustomed to a level of efficiency that are not here and you have to put him hours, and when you do, you leave your home, your family and when you realize that this will be so, for four years, takes a very personal decision that I respect. "
He added that from Monday be located as director of finance to Silvette Lamb, who occupied the OIA dela address. But he emphasized that the remaining vacant seats have never been but are in the hands of interim managers. 

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La cantidad de lluvia que ha caído en el País durante las pasadas semanas, y que han hecho que mayo sea uno de los meses más lluviosos de la historia, son preámbulo de lo que se anticipa como una temporada de huracanes fuerte, para la que debemos estar bien preparados.

Se disipa el sueño europeo

ROBERTO SAVIOLa Unión Europea (UE) ha advertido a sus ciudadanos que tendrán que afrontar más penurias económicas. Según el informe publicado el 3 de mayo, la Comisión Europea prevé que el dete


Orlando Alberto Jesús VélezEn el día a día de estas lluviosas y calurosas islas parecería que, como país, nos movemos muy rápido. El frenesí tropical y las canciones de Elvis Crespo nos producen una sensació

Colegio San Antonio, de Río Piedras, celebrará su 40 aniversario el sábado 23 de agosto, a las 6:30 p.m., en el Restaurant El Zipperle, en Hato Rey.

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