Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Puerto Rico: A dangerous snake in the America's backyard and how to deal with it: Assessment and Recommendations

Puerto Rico: A dangerous snake in the America's backyard and how to deal with it 


The cardinal social feature of today's Puerto Rico is a perversion of power by the local FBI branch and the corrupt political elites, deeply infested and subverted by the rabid, vengeful, leftist nationalism and anti-Americanism, although half-dead, running around like a chicken with its head cut-off, but still dangerous, potent, full of hate for the American military; poisonous, suppressive and exploitative of their own people, who are beautiful, sweet, talented, artistic, but utterly helpless against this hypocrisy, skillful coercion, and oppression, condemned in their mass to the abject, horrific, third world, hunger filled poverty and the conditioned slavish obedience to the petty and abusive, Latin American style, omnipotent and omnipresent, pervasive choking hold of the "Policia"

Economically, the problem is that they steal and rob, anything they can get their eyes and hands on, pettily but masterfully, with gusto and dedication, trained by, and taking the revengeful advantage of the years of benign and benevolent (as if toward the lovable, but spoiled and unruly children) neglect and mindless pouring of billions and billions of dollars without the proper controls and supervision, left to the inapplicable in this situation balances of the market forces, and without the true and correct, free from any ideological illusions, understanding of this complex situation, including its historical-psychological aspects and the peculiarities of the pirate-like, "buccaneer" mentality, which is, essentially, the cult and the most favorite sport on the Island. 

The appointment of the Financial Oversight Review Board is the belated reaction to the grim reality and it is not sufficient, the broad and deep assessment of the situation is due, before the adequate, well thought out interventions and the direly needed, but the correctly directed and applied help and assistance are provided. 


Disregard completely what I just have written above, these might be the impressions shaped by the individual subjective experiences (which were, by the way, described to some extent, previously, in my blogs). 

Do your own, Congressional and Presidential studies and the research of the situation, they should be, of course, and as always, in-depth, objective, independent, facts-based, comprehensive, and multi-dimensional. Take all the factors, in their entirety and the complex interactions and interplay, into the consideration. 

The Puerto Rican people have already expressed their will to join the Union as the new state in a previous referendum; the new poll, which most likely, will confirm and affirm this prevalent disposition, is coming up soon. 

But the new State will not be born by a miracle of the present day "banana republic with the American air conditioning", in J. E. Hoover's apt words. The Island is not ready for the statehood for a variety of reasons and problems, which have to be resolved in the transitional (about 10 years, as proposed), period, and all the aspects, including the human rights issues, the cultural and the transcultural, the linguistic, and the social-psychological issues have to be included in the transitional adjustment mechanism. 

Both the mainland and the Island will benefit greatly from the proposed statehood, but it has to be done right, otherwise the unresolved issues and problems might dangerously infect the whole country and might create the vicious cycles of their own. 

I share the idea and support the plan for the strengthening of the Southern border, it is very important and vital for the maintaining of the proper security. The situation with Puerto Rico, considering its semi-porous or the quarter-porous borders with the Caribbean and the Latin America, is no less important, especially in the light of the predatory designs and plans at the infiltration and influence by Russia, China, Iran, and others. The security situation in Puerto Rico has to be addressed in all its aspects and in its entirety, including preserving and enhancing the Island's geopolitical function as the Bridge to the Latin American regions, as the symbol of the hand of American friendship and the renewed vision, extended to them

The independent, objective, thorough, in-depth investigations of the local FBI branch (with the exception of its newly appointed outsider chief), and of the much feared and the much sought after by the many and various "informants", "half-informants", and "aspiring informants", as the power sharing and the power protective device, "Policia", and the other power structures, for at least the last 15-20 years, are absolutely needed: if you want to prevent the possible future infections that might affect the whole body, assess the state of immunity, the underlying problems and their causes in the affected part. 

A lot more can and should be said, and to be researched on this subject, but at the moment I am too busy and too preoccupied with the other pressing issues. 

Michael Novakhov 


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