Saturday, March 31, 2012

12:43 PM 3/31/2012 | Saturday - from El Nuevo Día - Noticias de Puerto Rico, informacion de ultima hora y multimedia - El Nuevo Día Saturday March 31, 2012


from El Nuevo Día - Noticias de Puerto Rico, informacion de ultima hora y multimedia - El Nuevo Día

Saturday March 31, 2012

Two die in road accident in Juana Diaz

There are 4 vehicles involved in the crash. Reopened the highway PR-52 towards San Juan to Ponce.

Lords of Draco scenario, Ruben Blades and Juan Luis Guerra

To a Coliseum filled the trio entered into a new "Encounter" 10 years later. Photos and video

One on One Interview with the new Superintendent of Police

Hector Pesquera is convinced that the police will achieve change. Photos and video

Guilty for the death of eight prisoners

IRS massive fraud affecting Puerto Ricans

The scheme used stolen identities of Puerto Ricans

Assumes the presidency of PPD in the capital city

Carmen Yulin says his team will be ready next week. Photos and video

Saturated ground and high river levels

Although less rain is expected, largely continue to flood risk

Clash of four cars in the PR-52 in Juana Diaz

At least two people were killed and several wounded

"I feel more alive"

Draco about his faith during the concert Encounter


Quienceañero in Barrio Obrero

Students parade in their costumes and labels in emotional school activity

Dog thinks twice before crossing

Showed more common sense to the floods that some drivers who tried to go through the water too high


Accident leaves 2 dead balance

Four vehicles collided and overturned several ended up on the side of the road

Trouble of a living woman to prove that is not dead

Massive school teenager in Barrio Obrero


Rashad Evans MMA promotes

Is visiting Puerto Rico

Dressed in green

Although some way to go, increases the tendency to cover the roofs with vegetation. here you need to do ...

Cut fabric

The accessories that you use in the kitchen can inspire

With the style of Adriana Hoyos

His designs have come to Dubai, Puerto Rico and New York

March 21 - 20 abrilAlguien offers you something that will arouse curiosity and interest in you. Set out on new adventures. Young people gravitating towards you. Somehow you have to deal with them, you want to or not. Plan your day, and make ...

Fight against child slavery

Former slave recounts his life to create awareness

Expedite processing of medical leave

5:47 a.m. is part of a pilot project that will also cover practical nurses

Hope for national project for education

Academic frown plan to improve education in the country

Demanding action to guide maintenance

Bar Association warns that children will receive less money

An All Star team in unemployment

At least seven veteran players who were once stars have not been hired

Back to top

After 25 years of drought, the women's team at Wesleyan Academy became champion of the division B of the Puerto Rico High School Athletic Alliance

The attack of the sun and skin protection

We must protect it at the beach or in sports

A trial on charges of sexual harassment

The Legislature refused to compromise patillense local civil suit

Appeals rules against Martinez and Bravo

Martinez and Bravo will not bail

Caribbean diversity in the Puerto Rico Heineken JazzFest

The feast of stars continues today and tomorrow at the Tito Puente Amphitheater

Juan Magan with Latin heart

The included tracks from artists DJ Boricua on your hard

Enrique Bunbury presents his histrionic rock

The singer was first introduced on the Island

The world will count

Ensure the votes of Angel Perez

Vital to ensure public confidence

Timely call of the presiding judge of the Supreme Court

Another massacre of civilians by the forces of Al Asad

Three minors and two women are among the victims

Mexico looking for a new president

Matches start their campaigns

Chaotic mess with templates

Treasury does not have the forms used by certain corporations

Blow to the alternate basic

Some businesses may not deduct costs tens of operation

What do you attribute catastrophic floods where none occurred on the island?

A climate change

A lack of proper drainage in the communities

A poor planning in construction

The Rights of Victims and Witnesses
Atty. Paloma Flores Hassim





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