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"The Witch of Loiza" in Puerto Rican Theater Festival - Speaker of Puerto Rico

"The Witch of Loiza" in Puerto Rican Theater Festival - Speaker of Puerto Rico

"The Witch of Loiza" in Puerto Rican Theater Festival

The piece consists choreographic piece as the first Puerto Rican repertoire.

Ballets de San Juan replaces the classic "The Witch of Loiza" in the CBA in Santurce.                             

Edition 53 of the Puerto Rican Theater Festival that the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP) held since 1958, is dedicated to the leading lady Luz Maria Rondon, bastion of theatrical, television and film boricua, iconic performances to his credit , as his works have become, "View from the Bridge", "The incredible story of Miss Pina Colada" and "Alley Horns", among many others.
Four new titles are added to this repertoire of Puerto Rican theater as "a tight box" of Benjamin Cardona, "The Witch of Loiza" with original script by Ricardo Alegría and "The Memory of Oblivion" Alexis Sebastian Mendez. This festival was founded by playwright Francisco and Don Ricardo Alegria Arriví from the former Office of Promotion Theatre PCI.
Up on stage on Friday 13, at 8:30 pm at the Victoria Theater in Santurce Espinosa, "The method Grosholm" the playwright Benjamin Cardona, which tells the story of three individuals involved within four walls of desire, anger, love, predenter pain and secrets where is the agenda and the truth is never absolute, reported Theatre production Tantai PR.
"Lina", played by actress Isabel Arraiza, is a young writer whose universataria literature professor has caused great frustration in their creative abilities. In search of a great story to tell and claimed to her teacher and decides to go on a spontaneous night on the occasion of releasing inhibitions and exposed to the harshness of reality. Venturing into the nightlife, meet Otto (Joseph Eugene Hernandez), an attractive man working in Canada who invited her to spend the night in his hotel room in San Juan, until interrupted idyll "Daniel" (Gil Rene Rodriguez) . This is a disturbed man and what promises to be an evening could end up being a nightmare for "Lina".
Meanwhile, at the Arts Center of Santurce, Ballets de San Juan held a posthumous tribute to Don Ricardo Alegria, from 27 to 29 April. Among the pieces that make up the evening, are the dance classic "The Witch of Loiza," Joy esccribió himself, and the ballets "workday" and "Shades". Ballet will debut in "The Tempest" by Shakespeare.
"The Witch of Loiza", choreographed by Dona Ana Garcia in 1956, is incorporated as the first piece choreographic repertoire of Puerto Rico. The music that was commissioned in the 50's the composer Jack Delano, with the libretto by Ricardo Alegria, a contributor to Ballets de San Juan since its inception. This new staging is in charge of the artistic director Nahir Medina. Involved in it the first dancers Barbara Hernandez and Andy Machin. The scenery, designed by Jaime Suarez will design lights renowned designer Toni Fernandez.
Alexis Sebastian Mendez comes the one-act play "The memory of forgetting" to be staged at the Teatro Francisco Arriví of Santurce, in which four people wake up in an unknown residence and no one remembers his identity or past. Slowly begin to reveal secrets while trying to discover their relationship to each other and how they got there. The matter is complicated when they discover a murdered man in the residence. Mendez presented in this proposal to Francisco Ernesto Concepcion and Hood, his theory that love and hate is part memoir.

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